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Frances Watts

10:58 AM, 11th September 2018
About 3 years ago

Having the Rugg pulled out from under - 'MOT Check'!

I am puzzled by the comment from Tamara Sandoul that "most landlords are currently operating anonymously" What exactly is meant or inplied by this?Unless landlords are not declaring their income to HMRC, then they are not anonymous
Secondly, it is interesting that Landlords are described as a profession. If that is so, then they must be considered to be carrying on a business and therefore full allowance of loan/mortage interest should be allowed whether or not they are incorporated.... Read More

Frances Watts

11:57 AM, 25th May 2017
About 4 years ago

Selling a tenanted 1 bed flat (AST tenancy)

We recently sold a 1 bed flat which had been occupied for two years by a good tenant. We had no particular legal problems and did not have to evict the tenant as the new buyer wanted to keep the tenant on.
Good Luck... Read More

Frances Watts

12:10 PM, 28th March 2017
About 4 years ago

Nottingham CC stitch up - Artificially inflated distortion of the true facts!

Thanet Council didn't bother to ask for complaints , they just imposed the licencing scheme anyway. It was selective in that it applied to certain areas of Cliftonville but not others. So if you were a Landlord in the road next to the selective boundary you didn't have to get a licence and pay. .
The scheme provided no help or banefit to the Landords or tenants as far as we could see.
We have sold up in Margate as this and the anti Landlord legislation all got too much.... Read More

Frances Watts

19:59 PM, 26th November 2014
About 6 years ago

Licensing Consultation in Southwark

Reply to the comment left by "Jim Parsler" at "02/10/2014 - 13:27":

We have four flats in Cliftonville. Selective Licencing has not made a single improvement to the area or the quality of tenants.It is almost impossible to get tenants who are employed, and the value of the properties, which fell by about 50% in 2008 have not recovered to any great extent.
The licence fee has simply been a tax on private landlords, benefitted no-one and made it ever harder to provide the good quality housing that we set out to do.... Read More

Frances Watts

21:33 PM, 7th December 2010
About 10 years ago

Winners and losers in rural house price stakes

Selective licensing.
We are losers in the house price stakes. We have properties in Cliftonville, Margate. Property prices have dropped sharply , rents have fallen steeply, there's high unemployment, poor communications and much antisocial behaviour. All has deteriorated in the last two-three years
Now the council, backed by the local MP., are determined to impose a Selective Licensing scheme. this will mean £500 per property payable by the landlord.
This is meant to:
Reduce antisocial behaviour
Increase owner occupancy
Get rid of bad landlords.
Increase property values
The council and the MP won't describe the sequence of events that lead from the imposition of the tax to high owner occupancy, no antisocial behaviour, Decent tenants, Decent rents' higher property prices
The proposed scheme in Cliftonville is likely to render our properties unsaleable.
Perhaps an article on Selective Licensing schemes would be informative.... Read More