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Don Holmes

14:29 PM, 9th October 2017
About 2 years ago

Tenancy achieved by deception question

The direct advice you were looking for is from Charles above. Ground 17 – This ground was introduced by the Housing Act 1996 and covers cases where the tenancy has been created as a result of a false statement knowingly having been made by the tenant or someone acting on his behalf. It is worth noting here the importance of a Tenancy Application which seeks factual information from the tenant.
If you have an application form from the applicant on which they have made a false statement then the Judge has no discretion. Read More

Don Holmes

10:45 AM, 27th January 2017
About 2 years ago

My letting agent delays on transferring rent to me every month!

Hi Sunny
I am the MD of Go Direct Lettings a growing national franchise rental agency, this is really annoying and bad news to me as our industry is already up against it with agents like this causing us all this bad rap!
However, to offer some positive advise, before we shoot to kill, you must go and speak with the agent and find out the Why? Then if happy insist on at least a standing order being put in place there and then. This is of course a second chance, or sounds maybe more like a third.. If you are not happy with the response, then you have every legal right to stop payment going to the agent. Write a letter to your tenant instructing them to stop any further payment to the agent and make arrangements to collect direct to you, and if they are on UVC or HB, inform the LA.. This doesn't circumvent the agreement you have with the agent, that can be dealt with separately,but as said above it would seem they are in breach anyway, but it stops the rot and has the money redirected. Then you can deal with the agent later and select another. When selecting the next agent, always make sure they are a member of 'Safe Agent' have client money protection are a member of DPS and PRS. if you have any doubt about any of the abbreviations, Google them, it will assist in your development as a Landlord. If I can assist further I can be found here, via my members profile. Good Luck. Don Holmes.... Read More

Don Holmes

12:17 PM, 10th January 2017
About 2 years ago

Rent debt recovery loan agreement?

Hi Karuna
There unfortunately isen't such a document available without getting a solicitor to drew up such a loan agreement after which, bearing in mind your tenant hasten't paid his monthly instalments already so why would he again?
The best advise as above is get rid and then get a court order via small claims court which would be the best,quickest and strongest "possibility " to have in stick to the deal? At least with this order you could go for some attachments of earnings and or benefits. After 30 years as a LL I must agree with the above I very much doubt he will stick to any agreement to pay the debt, let's hope he proves us experienced sceptics wrong
Good Luck... Read More

Don Holmes

11:14 AM, 13th October 2016
About 3 years ago

Judge To Look Into Why Tenants Are Not Prosecuted For Criminal Damage & Theft

I have seen lots of rented properties converted to cannabis farming. Tenant refuses inspection visits or keeps avoiding the appointment, recently when we decided to gain forced access and found such a farm the police after taking away the vegetation and leaving all the equipment as this is legal tender refused to persue the tenant as they said "no point they will only get a warning" Then and believe me you couldn't make this up, want to interview our agent for breaking and entering!... Read More

Don Holmes

12:15 PM, 20th September 2016
About 3 years ago

PI Insurance has left me without cover!

Reply to the comment left by "Michael Freer" at "20/09/2016 - 10:41":

Thanks Michael
I have been down that route and given the severity of the scam it would be almost impossible to get a positive result from within, as that would open their own can of worms.

The very reason we insure ourselves is to protect against loss and or damages, what would the point be in insuring our cars FC with a caveat that says 'as long as you don't have a bump'? I am upset about the whole principal that they can sell insurance but only offer partial cover. It is simple wrong and hidden in jargon and small print. In addition of course the whole legal profession are implicated, as they have a clear conflict of interest and it is beginning to show even here.... Read More