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Paul Trumper

15:43 PM, 5th November 2016, About 5 years ago

Section 24: What has it forced you to do?

We now have 28 properties remaining in our portfolio having recently sold two with another 3 for sale. We have been landlords for 15 years with our longest tenants having been with us for 13 years. We go to great lengths to work with our tenants to ensure they are well looked after and that our properties are extremely well maintained. We have invested heavily and upgraded all our older properties with new heating systems, insulation, double glazing etc. and consider ourselves to be caring and responsible landlords.

As a result of these attacks on PRL our long term business plan is shot full of holes and meaningless. We have put in place an exit strategy which requires us to sell 14 properties over the next 2 to 3 years and pay off the mortgages on the remaining 14. Whilst this will have significant Capital Gains Tax implications it will leave the remaining properties unencumbered thereby negating the tax on mortgage interest,

The net result of the attack on PRL by George Osbourne is that all tenants are being provided with a copy of Axe the Tenant Tax article and 14 long standing families will lose their family homes.

Will I vote for the Conservatives again - NO never again. However whats the alternative given Labours attitude towards Private Residential Landlords!!!!!!... Read More

Paul Trumper

7:35 AM, 22nd September 2016, About 5 years ago

Please SHARE THIS with your MP, Local Council and local Newspaper editors

Passed to Oliver Letwin MP, Accountant and letting agent who has posted it on their blog.... Read More