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Thursday 6th June 2013

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Michael Kaplan

11:14 AM, 14th June 2013, About 8 years ago

Is landlord licensing a pointless exercise?

It's the same old, same old: Landlords are the bad guys. And it's just not true. Most landlords provide decent homes - because they want decent rent. It's not just that they are OK humans, it makes good business sense. As has already been said by most people in this conversation: a few bad landlords is not a reason to change the rules for everyone. And the existing legislation gives councils plenty of powers. They just need to enforce properly.

What the councils should really be thinking about is making their tenants more attractive to more private landlords. So getting more decent landlords involved in the sector. Instead of councils burdening landlords with more bureaucracy, they should make our lives easier.

There are some very simple things they councils could do: Direct payments need to be made easier to establish. And eviction should not be dragged out.

Councils used to re-home tenants when notice was served. But now more and more councils are forcing landlords and tenants to go to court and to deal with bailiffs. It's just because they want to delay rehousing.

Private landlords are now carrying a huge chunk of social responsibility. Councils should be wary of bashing us any more.

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Michael Kaplan

17:36 PM, 21st May 2013, About 9 years ago

Bank of Ireland increase differential on tracker rates

The Bank of Ireland has reversed it's mortgage hike for over a thousand borrowers. And it's all because we all complained. This is landlord power. And this should be a lesson to all landlords. We believe that lenders will always try it on. And then they'll wait see what happens. If nobody complains they can just carry on. But under the regulations, the banks are obliged to look into every single complaint. So complain, complain, complain! The banks' decisions must always be challenged. Today's BOI reversal is proof that it can work. We can't let the banks ride roughshod over us. By sticking together, making a group noise and by making individual complaints we can get the banks to change. Our lawyer Justin Selig is still looking into the cases for the remainder of the affected borrowers. Justin says we should all thank those landlords who came forward and put their names in to a group action. It's because off people like them that the bank has backed down. Some good has come out of our efforts so far. But so many more borrowers could benefit with a bit more effort. C'mon!... Read More