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Svetlana Alexander

9:59 AM, 16th April 2014
About 6 years ago

Reducing CGT by getting married

I have been giggling all morning whilst reading the comments left by Lawrence Squid 🙂
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Svetlana Alexander

22:58 PM, 18th March 2014
About 6 years ago

Svetlana Alexander

13:02 PM, 19th December 2013
About 7 years ago

Consultation Testimonials

I would like to book the four hour slots every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of our lives together please.

What's for lunch?

By the way, is it OK if I use our joint account to make payment? LOL 😉

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Svetlana Alexander

20:26 PM, 25th February 2013
About 8 years ago

Some good News for Landlords in Scotland at last

This should be very popular. Thank you for the introduction.... Read More

Svetlana Alexander

18:29 PM, 27th November 2011
About 9 years ago

EU Trying To Kill Buy To Let - sign the petition to STOP it now.

@Brit1234 This might surprise you but I am not a landlord. I am not a UK homeowner either. I have dual British and Russian Nationality. I am British educated to Masters Degree level and I have a good job. Renting is a choice, I like the flexibility. My degree is economics based. A basic rule of economics is scarcity. If demand is greater than supply prices rise. Be careful what you wish for.... Read More