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6:58 AM, 12th April 2014
About 7 years ago

Tenant only gave 5 days notice

I too find the question and the advice confusing, especially as this seems to mirror my situation with one property.

Surely when the AST period ends, the tenancy becomes periodic with provisions in the signed contract for the required notice from both parties. I served a section 21 notice on 7 Feb for possession on 26 Apr, the rent due date. The tenant has not served any counter notice and therefore I deem that rent up to and including 26 Apr is due. The tenant has found a new property and has elected to move out on 17 Apr. Whilst I feel that I am under no obligation to do so, I have offered to refund any days rent for the early vacation.

I should point out that the situation is more troublesome than I have eluded to, and the offer of a rent refund is to try and help get rid of a tenant who is at best awkward!... Read More