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Bilbo Baggins

4:54 AM, 14th February 2016
About 4 years ago

Property inspection refused and locks changed

As the above link makes clear -( - a LL can not just enter the property - regardless of what they may have in their AST - (one can write anything one likes in an AST it does not mean it is legal or enforceable - indeed the clauses themselves may be seen as illegal). LLs should be more aware of the law and the potential consequences of breaking it.
Also do bear in mind it is likely your insurance will have a clause in there stating you must inspect (and be able to prove this) every "X" months. After two years it maybe you are not actually covered if the insurance company choose to take you to task in the event of a claim
The Gas inspection seems a very moot point - you as a LL have a duty to have it done but, as far I as understand, have no legal way of entering the property if the tenant is not playing ball - contacting the NLA may provide further illumination. Sadly I have heard of cases where a judge has sided with one side and similar cases where another judge has sided with the opposite side.
Collating all evidence of your communications and recording all future ones will assist you if it comes to serving a notice/going to court.... Read More

Bilbo Baggins

13:05 PM, 27th January 2016
About 4 years ago

Buy with cash or mortgage my first BTL property?

Given the clause 24 - would this leveraging and re-investing strategy now not work? That is much of your re-investment monies came from the ability to off set the finance costs? This no longer being allowed I am wondering how one might build a portfolio given the new parameters?... Read More

Bilbo Baggins

18:09 PM, 21st June 2015
About 5 years ago

I Am A Property Developer - Ask Me Anything!

Hi Tony

Your offer to ask you anything has allowed to me feel ok in asking you a "how long is a bit of string" question!

Am looking to covert an old church that is about 150m2. (simple empty oblong shape)
Hoping for 2 floors of 2*2 bed flats (4 flats in total)
Assuming main building is structurally sound what would be a "ball park" figure for putting in a steel structure to hang the flats from (so as not to stress original building at all) ? And how much to have them at a mid to high end finish?

Any advice from your experience would be gratefully received.

I can see your main expertise seems to be in new builds - just trying to get a rough idea at this stage.

Thanks for any pointers you can give!

Simon... Read More

Bilbo Baggins

23:24 PM, 13th April 2012
About 8 years ago

MP sees red over forcing green repairs on landlords

what a mad idea. Bad LLs will be even more likely to do bad repairs and those of us that will do the right thing will be forced to pass it on in higher rents or get out of LLing altogether. Why do these numpties even bother to turn up to work if this is the drivel they come up with.... Read More