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Julian Fernandes

11:41 AM, 15th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Area of low tenant demand

Ah ! good old Ts3 & Ts1 - Heroin central with a little crack cocaine sprinkled on top for effect. Do not visit on a full moon or giro day lol.

That particular block of properties off Beaumount Road is particularly difficult to manage if you are not on top of your tenants 24/7. However, I am very surprised you cannot fill a 3 bed round there.

if you can pm me or get in contact I can introduce you to the two main people who hold the majority of the properties round there, plus i know several decent families in the area who would be grateful to be considered. Admittedly the tenants I have in mind are never likely to stand for office , or join the police force, but they are local and want to stay in the area.
It is a specialist area, having spent 10 years myself door step collecting my top ups round there, i am pretty sure your not having a good time.... Read More

Julian Fernandes

9:35 AM, 9th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Police damage to rental property

In my experience in these circumstances the Police will do as little as possible to refund the repair even if they have the wrong house/victim.

I advise to invoice the local police force works as per normal and when not paid within a reasonable period of time, a second letter of demand issued for payment within 7 days.

When you do not get paid , MCOL. Force the issue into court.... Read More

Julian Fernandes

18:48 PM, 1st April 2014, About 8 years ago

Mortgage Express instructed Valuations without my permission!

Question regarding MX. I had the great displeasure of meeting certain members of UKAR between april 2010 until Jan 2012, when i fell into 8k arrears with MX having moved my property management agent and the old rents despite my efforts still being sent to the old company. Suffice to say I never got them.

Initially they appeared very help full, even friendly and supportive of my circumstances, and agreed to minimum payment along with a reduction schedule of the arrears, all was good payments were made. In jan 2011 i was verbally informed that MX had decided to the condense all 66 of my accounts with them into one big mortgage. i was told face to face that if I now defaulted againthey would take the properties off me. Their aim was to close the lone book within 20 years or less. The gentleman who visited me at my home, and interacted daily almost with my highly supportive agent( Mr Jack Vincent) , through out this interaction never actually send any correspondence to me as he failed to update my address records. No biggy, the bills were being paid on time.
i had entered into an arrangement at the insistence of UKAR with regard the arrears repayment but over time due to the pressure to meet the monthly commitment for fear of default and repossession, only minimal legal repairs were carried out to my properties and despite my continual complaints to UKAR that the ridiculous pressure the company was putting me under to meet this monthly arrangement payment, was leaving my portfolio vulnerable to disrepair and eventually I would not be able to re fill properties and keep them going without spare cash can i renegotiate my terms, i was met with a blank wall. I should point out that during this period I became extremely ill as the pressure mounted. I had no money to repair my vacant properties and as a result they began to fall vacant. Inspite of this I managed after two years to clear the arrears but having been under extreme pressure for almost two years, my health failed culminating in an admission to hospital. UKAR were 100% aware of my circumstances and had full access to my medical team, and inspite of my health problems closed my loans down in my absence. Sending all correspondence to the wrong address. When I asked UKAR why they had failed to inform me I was told by UKAR that they were not MX but their agent and although they had my correct address on file MX who issued the paperwork sent it to my previous address as I had failed to update their records. Tough. They instructed agents, sold my property for a fraction of what they were worth, they had no intention of hanging onto them. I had no option but in june 2013 to file for personal bankruptcy totaling £1.9mill the bulk of which I owed to MX.

Now i discover that MX and UKAR are one and the same and question the validity of the repossessions. At no point was I presented with any paperwork that I could present to a solicitor to fight my corner, even though they knew exactly where I was and my state of health. I believe with a CCJ if you fail to receive notification and show due reason as to why the issue remains disputed you can have the judgement set a side ?? would the same be true here ? does any legally qualified individual fancy having a go ??? I would very much like too... Read More