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Steve From Leicester

15:03 PM, 14th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Right of Way and replaced passage door

For the amount of money involved, compared to the potential hassle of making next doors owner pay up (with no guarantee of success), I would just pay up.... Read More

Steve From Leicester

16:34 PM, 23rd December 2016, About 5 years ago

Online Estate Agents seem too good to be true?

Reply to the comment left by "Graham Bowcock" at "23/12/2016 - 13:29":

An excellent response from Graham Bowcock. Go to the top of the class Sir.... Read More

Steve From Leicester

14:27 PM, 18th November 2016, About 5 years ago

Late payment of rent by Letting Agency

I'm a well-established agent.

If an agent is receiving rent but not paying it back out to the landlord for two months then alarm bells ring loud and clear because at best the agent is disorganised and at worst he's using client money to prop up his business.

One way or another you should leave this agency and there are some sound points and opinions above.

I'd say anything up to about 8 working days is a reasonable amount of time to allow the agent to process the receipt, check and deduct maintenance bills, fees etc, prepare a statement and get the money paid out. My agency prides itself on being particularly quick, we usually have the money in the landlord's bank account four working days after it lands in ours.... Read More

Steve From Leicester

12:31 PM, 1st November 2016, About 5 years ago

The difference between lawnmowers and toasters?

Lots said on this subject, in my opinion absolutely the best was the line from Graham Bowcock who said "Don't get too hung up on things, H&S starts with common sense".

You have a duty of care to your tenants and have to show due diligence, but you are not their mother, carer or nursemaid.

Provide them with a new mower from a reputable manufacturer and give them the instruction manual.

Contrary to what some people might have you believe, if a tenant tries to use the mower to trim his beard you won't be prosecuted for failing to tell him not to apply the mower to any part of his face.... Read More

Steve From Leicester

12:44 PM, 29th October 2016, About 5 years ago

Backing out of new agents fees?

I'm an agent who has been in business for 13 years and currently manages about 500 properties.

Most tenancies have gone well, but over the years my staff and I have dealt with tenants who can't pay the rent (perhaps because of a change of circumstances) and tenants who could pay the rent but choose not to. We've dealt with fires, floods, a chimney collapse. We've dealt with cannabis factories and brothels. We once did a management visit and found the tenant dead in his bed.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. Good luck if you've followed Yasin's advice and any of those things happen... Read More