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Julie Ford

7:11 AM, 12th January 2022, About A week ago

Rent being held back by agent after slipping on to periodic tenancy?

Good morning Ian
Firstly, the agent seems to have forgotten they work for and on behalf of you as the LL

Secondly, there is no legal requirement for you to sign any renewal of you dont with to

However, it is best practice for the agent to review their AST annually as the laws & regs do change regularly so it is possible that an AST would be technically outdated after a year

As for withholding rent... that’s a No No
They have no legal right to do so
The AST is between you and the tenant, if the tenant has paid and they will not pass this on to you then they are breaching their own business terms and inadvertently causing your tenant to fall into rent arrears (as funds haven’t been passed to you)

I would write a formal complaint to the manager, then progress to the Redress scheme if you don’t get the outcome you want

I would also look as changing agents as they clearly work for themselves and not you as their client... Read More

Julie Ford

15:29 PM, 4th January 2021, About A year ago

Deposit issue - paid 2004?

In June 2013 the Court of Appeal
handed down a judgment in Superstrike Ltd v Marino Rodrigues.
This related to a tenancy deposit taken on a fixed term assured
shorthold tenancy before 6 April 2007. The tenancy subsequently
became a statutory periodic tenancy after 6 April 2007. The Court
of Appeal ruled that a statutory periodic tenancy is a new tenancy
and as such the deposit should have been protected when that new
statutory periodic tenancy was created.... Read More

Julie Ford

15:06 PM, 15th October 2020, About A year ago

HMO licence declined and I must now evict tenants?

Depending on when the notice was served, it’s unlikely to be two months, as this has been increased to 3 months and now to 6 months

You need to co tact Landlords Defence and speak to Des Taylor, he will be able to advise you fully in this... Read More

Julie Ford

10:06 AM, 2nd October 2020, About A year ago

Government consultation to increase minimum EPC rating to band C for PRS

There are actually two private members bills currently going through Parliament.
Both of which have been introduced for quite some time, so this is hardly breaking news.
Neither have had a second reading yet and will take time to pass through the process, that’s even if they actually get passed the 2nd reading.
Scaremongering isn’t great and very much below what this platform normally provides
Spell check wouldn’t go amiss either... unless Whales will somehow be directly effected... Read More

Julie Ford

15:36 PM, 28th July 2020, About 2 years ago

Covid-19 Court Reactivation Rule?

The Reactivation Notice will be required for all claims that were suspended until 3rd August.
This DOES include accelerated possession claims.
The Reactivation Notice must be served to the court and the tenant and must clearly state what you wish the court to do eg: List, Re-list, Hearing or refer.
It must also include info about how C-19 has effected the tenant and in the case of rent arrears claims must include 2yrs rent statements ( or the full length of the tenancy if less than 2yrs)

If you have already been issued a possession order or eviction warrant, which was then stayed, then a Reactivation Notice is not required.... Read More