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12:07 PM, 28th April 2020, About A year ago

Has anyone ever successfully sued a District Council?

Hi, the first thing you need to do is read information about your rights and responsibilities.
Approach to the council in friendly manners and ask for help and information, they can be helpful if you know how to deal with it.
To suit the council is not a good idea as they have a legal team that would cost you lots of many to fight and normally they will win as they know every loop in the system.
If nothing works in a friendly way, you have to follow the system, which is
1) complaint against the department doing all the legal against you, you do it following the complaint system of the council.
2) if this does not work, you send your complaint to the ombudsman to deal with it.
I was in a situation that cost me to sell my property at a lost because of the council and at the moment the ombudsman is dealing with it and is making the council to re check my complaint against it.
I did tried at first what you want to do as asking lawyers to do my fight, when they heard was against the council many of them just did not call me back as they knew it is very difficult, others were very clear how lengthen and expensive would be to take the council to court.
I think that you personal situation as parents is very fragile as you needed a document and please get any document that you have before or during the period, this include pictures, texts, notes, emails, all this is evidence that you can use to proof your rights.
Good luck.
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13:04 PM, 13th February 2020, About A year ago

Counterclaim to section 8 for unreported mould?

Hi, your best power is information, read the act housing 2004, the landlord and tenant act.
Any rubbish or damage caused by tenant is he/her responsibility, if the tenant has not evidence in writing that he asked you to deal with this problem and that your property has kept clean, then you have not issues. The tenant lawyer has to proof that you were aware about it.
I bought a property about 6 months ago and sold it just now, l was in court accused of illegal eviction, but l showed writing evidence and l demanded proper evidence in court.
I did represent my self, do not allow the council or lawyer to terrified, read carefully and answer using legal information, you can copy and paste from government web page.
This was my first and only property but sadly l decided l will not loss my health fighting the unfairness of the law against landlords.... Read More


22:31 PM, 19th December 2019, About 2 years ago

Queen's speech - Section 21 ban?

I am a new landlord, l have just a small property and l am already selling it after only 5 months, I have a DSS tenant, who has taking me to court because her electricity meter was not updated for the last 3 years and l did asked her to pay the right amount for the energy used. The council has found any and all the ways to bullying me and accused me of things like illegal eviction, serving me with a long list of jobs l should do as part of the property keeping, and pressurising me that if l do not start those odd jobs, the list would be change into a improvement notice, etc. I do wonder if the law would protect us about this type of harassment. The Councils and its officers can do lot of damage to people like us by protecting theirselve on the power of an institutionalised organisation and making landlord looks like the rich horrible monsters that everyone should fear and hate.
What about protection for us and the rights that we have to enjoying a quite life, don't we deserve better? after all we only help people to find a place for living but who will help us, at least l have not seen any consideration or positive support from Nottingham City Council, I do not like this government but l really hope something positive would come for people like us. Taking into account those comments from you all, I absolute feel frighten of the future.... Read More


10:23 AM, 12th September 2019, About 2 years ago


22:59 PM, 10th September 2019, About 2 years ago