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Samii Boyd

11:01 AM, 26th February 2014, About 8 years ago

Referencing Agencies - Letting Agents - Duty of Care

Of course a letting agent and/or a referencing company have a duty of care to the landlord to properly reference the tenant - not only a duty of care, but also a contractual obligation to be thorough between all parties.
This is why "Lifestyle Referencing" tenants at is becoming so popular.
This case definitely highlights the fact that the traditional methods of tenant referencing e.g. credit referencing - are not the be-all and end all these days, what with landlords (more often than not) not bothering to go to court.
Furthermore, a Credit Report cannot tell you how that tenant has behaved in their previous tenancies - whereas a "Lifestyle Reference" can and does - as long as that tenant has been uploaded by their previous landlord onto our system.
It is important to remember that LRS is not a "blacklist", and can help good tenants who have experienced bad/poor or no credit in the past obtain decent homes via their landlord registering their exceptional payment history / behaviour onto our database as well - and the fact that they have a "high risk" credit score does not mean they will be turned away from housing that they deserve.... Read More

Samii Boyd

13:45 PM, 27th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Can I hold the letting agent liable?

Hi Maxwell

With regards to the tenant, please consider joining and registering them (both free), to warn all Landlords & Agents in your area (who use our service) about their actions, as well as future applications of tenure for up to 5 years. Read More

Samii Boyd

13:35 PM, 27th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Why don't agents use 'bad tenant' databases?

Hi Lima7
I believe the answer to your question is a)that many agents are still unaware of what Lifestyle Referencing actually is b)some may have the (incorrect) view of Industry Observer and c) that they want RGI included within their referencing package.

With regards to the above comment "the only data that should be held and relied on needs to be 'official' from Court action" ; in today's world of landlords not bothering to go to court, the traditional credit reference may not flag up what a lifestyle reference can.

LRS has the largest database of "bad tenants" and is fully authorized by the ICO.
We also welcome our community to upload their good tenants details, as it is important to be able to offer a good rental payment history direct from their previous LL, for those that have had/have a bad credit score.

The only data that we give out (if it is a positive match to an existing entry within the LRS "Lifestyle" database) is the registered rent default and/or property damages, as well as their previous landlords details. This is provided direct from their previous landlord(s) -that have been fully verified as genuine property owners- and entries are regularly updated via our concept of "Real Time Referencing".

Currently LRS offers a full referencing package (Credit Referencing via market leaders Equifax, Lifestyle Referencing, Tenancy & Guarantor Application Form, Employer & Landlord Reference & Accountants Reference) and will soon be able to offer our own RGI product alongside these.

We do have quite a few Agents on board who regularly use our services (have a view of our testimonials here: ) but obviously the more that join the stronger the data becomes.... Read More

Samii Boyd

12:30 PM, 14th June 2013, About 8 years ago

Samii Boyd

14:10 PM, 14th December 2011, About 10 years ago

The Best Property Website Ever

We'd just like to thank you Mark for creating the site, especially the testimonials section.

Since having our Gold Listing in the directory we've had an unprecedented response from landlords & agents, who had never even heard of Landlord Referencing Services until going on

Keep up the great work!! :-))... Read More