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13:29 PM, 4th March 2021, About 8 months ago

The Housing Crisis, Who's to blame - Studio Interview Thursday (today) 8pm

The housing crisis has been around in the UK for well over 50 years. Successive governments both labour and conservative have failed to address the root cause.

The cause is not landlords or tenants, rent or home ownership, It’s simply a lack of supply. The country is short of over 2 million homes. Competition for the limited number of properties for sale or for rent drives up prices. In the UK the average person spends between 50-75% of the net income on housing, by contrast the average in the USA is between 30-50%, simply because their is more housing available.

Housing activists groups like shelter are worthless, having failed for decades to improve the situation. Their government funding leads than to avoid challenging the hand that feeds them. Solving the house issue requires dealing with the root cause which is the need to build more homes. 200,000 per year over the next 10 years are needed, be they rented or owned they will all be part of the solution.

Planning regulations need to be changed to facilitate building. Large land owners need to be incentivised to build on land they have purchased for development and maybe even penalised for land banking, failing to build on development land they own.

The rental sector should also be encouraged to be part of the solution. Many people rent through choice other through need. Many rent and later become buyers, but all need a home regardless of the detail of how they pay for where they live.... Read More