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14:02 PM, 16th October 2020
About 4 days ago

Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill 2019-21

I discovered some of my tenants had a large dog, I was never consulted. It never ever caused mess or damage and was always friendly when I met it. HOWEVER due to the dog the tenants refused access to workmen for essential repairs, as the dog guarded the house when they were at work. Any dog, large or small can guard it's property, it's not unusual dog behaviour but it did make life exceptionally difficult when work had to be done.

In my own experience of owning dogs and cats, they do take a heavy toll on carpets, wallpaper, furnishings etc. They can leave flea infestations and cause allergies in future tenants.

One of my own dogs ate furniture and tore up carpets and lino despite not being left for more than the odd hour or two while I did essential shopping. The difference is I owned that property and footed the entire cost, and I also had a garden and the priviledge of being able to WFH to look after it.

Noisy, unhappy dogs in small flats can be a nightmare for other people and untrained dogs, especially if left to roam, can be seriously dangerous.

Yes, a dog can be a wonderful conpanion and loved like a family member but it's not something that should be considered a 'legal right' in all circumstances. How do you define a 'well behaved' animal anyway?... Read More


8:55 AM, 7th January 2020
About 10 months ago

Jenrick overhauls tenancy agreement to help end pet bans

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 06/01/2020 - 11:31
We bought a flat to live in and it literally took years to get rid of the fleas the previous elderly ladys cat left behind. I'm an animal lover but it was horrible, we had to change all the carpets and there's no way I could have let the property, imagine what new tenants would have said!... Read More


9:27 AM, 6th January 2020
About 10 months ago

Jenrick overhauls tenancy agreement to help end pet bans

I've had tenants with a beautiful dog, I recognise the joy and comfort a pet can bring. However, when essential repairs and a Gas Safety Cert were required the tenants said they couldn't provide access as they were at work and the dog was loose in the house. No more pets.... Read More


12:08 PM, 9th October 2019
About A year ago

Bristol City Council - The lights are on but no one's home!

Just finishing a renovation of a flat I plan to let as a HMO next year, there are already 2 other flats in the building that are up and running HMOs, plus mine and another currently owner occupied - I've lived there several years and haven't had any problems with the other occupants. I'm not against these regs to be honest, unless I've missed something, there's nothing particularly onerous there and we - FMC - have ensured the house is compliant with the requirements (fire alarm systems etc) as part of keeping the communal areas of the building compliant, and we are working towards other things highlighted on the fire safety inspection like replacing oil based paint with a water based product in the communal areas (it'll be on the list for the planned refurb of that area). This does highlight the sort of issue that will crop up in reality though, how much private owner occupiers should have to contribute towards 'communal' costs that might be incurred primarily for the purpose of the HMO licence, including buildings insurance. BTW, we also have a social media group for all the occupants/owners so problems can be raised and dealt with quickly and so far it's all worked really well and I can recommend trying it. Perhaps we've just been lucky. Must say I think the licence is very expensive.... Read More