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James Rossi

14:58 PM, 27th March 2014, About 7 years ago

Concerns re Skipton BS Commercial Mortgage

I'm in the unfortunate position that I had one of my BTL's with Bank of Ireland and having my main mortgage with Amber (nee Skipton). As per the previous advice sometimes it's a bitter pill to swallow but the harsh reality is to just bail out. I've sold my BTL I had with BoI and walked away with a decent amount of equity and it's also like a dark cloud being lifted. Since BoI hiked the trackers it didn't take much number crunching to rid myself of them. There's far easier ways to make money.

Being coupled to these is like being in a marriage or relationship gone bad, you know you need to move on it's just taking that first step. I'd take advantage of the positive sentiment within the economy and consider. I don't know how the market is in the Home Counties as I'm in the South West but just stick "office for sale + your postcode" in to Google and see what results you get, this may help you make a decision. Sorry it's not more positive. Unfortunately commercial lenders are answerable to no one save themselves.

There is, of course, the wider picture and this is your health and how long do you want to live with any level of stress.

Skipton aren't going to do you any favours, believe me. I've had no alternative but to go to the FOS even when I showed them something they'd written in black and white they still persisted. This is what you're up against. Reading your post I sense that the sentiment runs right through Skipton.

The other problem is, of course, there's very little protection there for commercial or BTL as we're all considered 'commercially savvy' and even if we could seek help from the FCA they'd hide under their desks and sit on their hands just as they have done with the BoI tracker case.

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James Rossi

12:28 PM, 17th March 2014, About 7 years ago

Top tips on short-term letting this summer

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "09/06/2011 - 07:19":

I have an apartment that I would like to rent short term and have had an enquiry for 2 months initially which suits me. However this is the first time I have strayed away from 6/12 month and thereafter periodic. Should I be letting under a holiday let agreement and if so do we have a template available on 118.

The potential tenants may extend and if they decide to do so will I then need to draw up another holiday let agreement for whatever period thereafter. If I want them out do I have to give them notice or just let the holiday let take it's course. Also where am I legally on deposits. Should I be taking a one months deposit.
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