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Wednesday 8th January 2014

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Nathan 1986

11:30 AM, 29th January 2014
About 7 years ago

Residential and commercial in one?

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the comment. A long shot indeed I agree, having said that I do believe this is the best place to ask the question and at the end of the day, don't ask don't get! One thing I would be able to do is to return home for a period of time so I am living in the UK as such. I could probably find work fairly easily too but it would all be for the sake of buying this property. I wonder if this would open any doors up with a residential with permission to let type mortgages.

Exactly how I finance this may also be a slight issue. It may be difficult to find 25%. However if it was residential with permission to let maybe the deposit could be reduced also. I think this would take one guru of a mortgage advisor, that's I it's even possible.

Thanks again

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Nathan 1986

22:30 PM, 9th January 2014
About 7 years ago

How am I doing?

Thank you for your responses so far,

Thank you Mark, I will look into the property management link at £24.99 per month.

I think I am going to go down the interest only path with this one as I feel that this best suits what I'm trying to achieve at the moment. Maybe I will reassess this in 10 years time when rental cost rise and creates a bigger profit, I guess it's possible I may be able to switch to a repayment mortgage and maintain close to the profit I would make initially.

A vehicle to repay the additional capital I borrow that I have been thinking about is for every two properties of similar value I purchase I could sell one and repay the loan and use the capital gain to pay the mortgage off on the second.

I'm based in the northwest ( when not in Australia of course!).

We have been in Australia almost four years and almost eligible for citizenship which in turn allows me to become a dual citizen and have an Australian passport. I refuse to move home before we get this as I want my children to have the option to live in such a fantastic place when they grow up! (We must have them first of course). The reason we plan to come back is simply home is home. We never planned to go for good and wanted to experience something different while we are young. The last six months I've had a nan and grandad pass away and my younger brother was diagnosed with cancer. Things like this really do highlight the distance between the UK and Australia. We also have a close family and want our children to know their grandparents and vice versa.

At the moment I work full time as a mechanic but my passion and interest lies in property and property finance. I would like to do something in the industry when I return to the UK and I'm currently looking at different areas and opportunities that I can make a comfortable income from. Anybody have any suggestions?


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