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    I am a full time property investor with nearly 100 properties. I’m based in Norwich but my properties are predominantly in Lincolnshire and the North West so I rely heavily on quality property management. My strategy is new build “value investing” as I like an easy life.What I mean by that is my equity is greater than my deposit on the day of purchase. This enables me to cash in for a profit whenever I wish, e.g. if I need to raise extra funds to do more deals or by another toy. I’m madly into motor sports by the way – see my Radical racer pictured right.

    I tend to buy property at times when developers are desperate to achieve their half year and year end targets. As I’ve been doing this for some time I’m often the first person they call when they are prepared to “confidentially” discount properties for a quick sale in order to meet their sales targets.

    I can’t buy every property I’m offered so I work very closely with the team at Property118 and offer selected deals to other investors. I don’t charge for this service as several developers retain me to introduce investors who are in a position to act quickly. Legally this makes me an estate agent but I don’t have a shop and I don’t work with the major property portals. Please don’t ask me to sell your house either, I’m not that type of estate agent. If I offer you a deal it will be a confidential off market opportunity. To comply with the Estate Agents Act 1979 Your Property Concierge is a member of The Property Ombudsman redress scheme and I also carry substantial professional indemnity insurance. I have never had a complaint made against me and I have never had a claim against my PI insurance. How many estate agents can say that?

    Invariably, the properties I refer you to will not be in your area. That’s why I have teamed up with the ARLA letting agent recommended by Property118. They charge a fixed monthly fee of £34.99 + VAT (nothing up front) to provide all of the following:-

    Visiting your property, taking particulars and floor plans.
    Setting up an online account to store your documentation so it can be accessed at any time
    Advertising your property on the major property portals (Rightmove, Zoopla etc.)
    Viewings and periodic property checks
    Referencing tenants and guarantors
    Inventory and schedule of condition prepared by an AIIC qualified inventory professional
    Tenancy and Guarantor Agreements
    Rent Guarantee Insurance
    Taking meter readings on check in and check out and informing utility companies of tenancy change over
    Deposit protection registration with DPS
    Rent Collection with payment forwarded to your account by BACS and monthly rental statement
    Check out inventory at the end of the tenancy

    If you would like me to refer occasional deals to you please complete the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    2015-08-15 09:55:39

    Hi, Mark - Long time no speak. I know exactly what you mean, we being forced to leave with discriminating taxation, but that's not a bad thing as change is good. Top Tip - Look at Cyprus very closely - English speaking, great climate for you being a sun worshiper, warm seas, 300 days of sunshine

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    2012-02-29 22:41:00

    Quite right. Never worry about things that may never happen. Just plan against the things that can or will happen.  : )

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    2012-02-29 16:54:00

    Hi, Lisa. Interesting idea. Never really considered such a notion even though having unencumbered properties in my portfolio from time to time over time has happened. Bridging loans over the two properties is a clever trick, but in the case of reselling the second property just acquired the seller w

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  • Property Investment Strategies – Part Two

    2012-02-29 16:32:00

    Hi, Richard - Maverick again. Forgot to say property investing is never about taking a punt. I look at dozens of discount new build deals every month and short list only some and target only some for buying. This is where my property analysis techniques come into play, and the knowing of these areas

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  • Property Investment Strategies – Part Two

    2012-02-29 16:17:00

    Hi Richard as explained I practice what I preach and I am constantly buying discounted new build property today and have been since early 2009. Please read my latest property blog on property118. Only just last week I paid a reservation fee over to a national home builder and so did another invest

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