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Kelvin Kingsley

9:55 AM, 15th August 2015, About 6 years ago

Forced to become a tax exile?

Hi, Mark - Long time no speak. I know exactly what you mean, we being forced to leave with discriminating taxation, but that's not a bad thing as change is good.

Top Tip - Look at Cyprus very closely - English speaking, great climate for you being a sun worshiper, warm seas, 300 days of sunshine a year, no capital gains tax on assets outside cyprus, drive on the left, reliable internet connection, cost of living is cheap, great food and hospitality, affordable domestic helpers, has a dual taxation treaty with the UK, flights to lots of UK airports year round (not the cheapest), Cyprus property is 50% of what it was 10 years ago, 200,000 to 300,000 GBP buys a superb villa with a pool, or renting is cheaper than UK. I have bought here already so the Kelvin Noahs Ark is already built and ready to go. Also lots of very pretty women! : )

What more could any man want!


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Kelvin Kingsley

22:41 PM, 29th February 2012, About 10 years ago

The Most Powerful Property an Investor Can Own Is...

Quite right. Never worry about things that may never happen. Just plan against the things that can or will happen.  : )... Read More

Kelvin Kingsley

16:54 PM, 29th February 2012, About 10 years ago

The Most Powerful Property an Investor Can Own Is...

Hi, Lisa. Interesting idea. Never really considered such a notion even though having unencumbered properties in my portfolio from time to time over time has happened. Bridging loans over the two properties is a clever trick, but in the case of reselling the second property just acquired the seller would fall foul of the six month CML ownership rule. So in that case bridging costs for six months would be costly and not normally agreeable with bridging loan lenders I presume because 6 months is a very long bridge time? ... Read More

Kelvin Kingsley

16:32 PM, 29th February 2012, About 10 years ago

Property Investment Strategies - Part Two

Hi, Richard - Maverick again. Forgot to say property investing is never about taking a punt. I look at dozens of discount new build deals every month and short list only some and target only some for buying. This is where my property analysis techniques come into play, and the knowing of these areas helps too. So investors have the safety and knowledge when I buy or recommend to buy its safe for them to buy. As with buying any product for sale, the greater the buying power and buyer the greater the discount achieved; timing is also key. ... Read More

Kelvin Kingsley

16:17 PM, 29th February 2012, About 10 years ago

Property Investment Strategies - Part Two

Hi Richard as explained I practice what I preach and I am constantly buying discounted new build property today and have been since early 2009. Please read my latest property blog on property118.

Only just last week I paid a reservation fee over to a national home builder and so did another investor I co-ordinated to buy at the same time. This was for a brand new, finished and complete large 4 bedroom townhouse that fronts a canal with countryside views on a highly regarded new build estate in a good location, and constructed by a quality NHBC registered national home builder. The developer list price was £169,950, but for quick completion (28 days) I secured each townhouse for £110,000.

But don't be fooled by the list price although this is and has been paid in the last 12 months by home buyers. The real market value is £150,000 not £170,000. So the Instant Equity is circa £40,000 on day 1, which is better than my norm, which is usally 100% return on cash in to buy as a rule.

There's no mystery here, I am very well connected in the property business and my reputation for buying often, consistently and completing quickly is just what developers want to hear when they have completed stock to sell quickly to hit their sales targets. The later is the most important to them. It matters not if they sell 5 ot 6 highly discounted properties at cost or just below cost on a site where sales have slowed. Site scheduling and progression dates are most important build dates they work too; so their sales targets must match this too.

My cash flow is not such that I can afford to buy all of the time, but I buy selectively and very often and so do some investors that buy with me. They too taking advantage of my contacts and my buying power. Please see my website instant equity for further details.

As for remortgaging or reselling to retrieve/ release equity and cash flow to buy more properties of course this is possible. This is precisely how I continue the buying process.

All this and more is explained over various blogs I have written for property118. Also unlike some other property sourcing people or companies that charge many thousands for services and deliver half as much as I. I charge nothing, so in that respect there's no need to doubt my sincerity or my sharing of the property knowledge and opportunities.

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