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16:42 PM, 15th June 2017, About 5 years ago

Potentially violent neighbour and I am too frightened to go back

This is shocking behaviour and totally irresponsible of your HA. I suggest you begin with your MP then follow up the complaint and hopefully you've given the HA a copy of the police report of the incident as well as your own record. By the way, which area of the country are you based in? Do you have a Housing Trust nearby?... Read More


14:16 PM, 12th June 2017, About 5 years ago

Potentially violent neighbour and I am too frightened to go back

Hi Mart. Whilst this situation isn't great, you are effectively being bullied by your neighbour. Most bullies bark ALOT and are experts in threatening behaviour normally based on their own unhappiness. The problem here is that you're the one who has left. My suggestion would be to find the confidence to return to the property, preferably with a friend or two who can act as witnesses and record any anti-social behaviour. Bullies are not particularly clever, and usually rely on the loudness of their bark to intimidate their victim and gain pleasure when they can see it working. The more you show you're frightened the more this will fuel his attack. I've dealt with many threats but none of them have ever become a physical assault - I stood my ground and let the other person shout it all out until they ran out of energy. Your Housing Association or the Police should recommend mediation and at least this allows you to remain in the property. If the neighbour breaches his tenancy agreement or the peace via anti-social behaviour for which you have evidence, then the HA and Police will be able to act. Alternatively, you could look for other accommodation but please don't stay frightened hiding out on a friend's sofa.... Read More


15:24 PM, 8th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Letter to Gavin Barwell Housing Minister

Here's my response:

Dear Mr Barwell

I’m picking up on some of the comments regarding last night’s Newsnight discussion.

Private landlords have been vilified throughout the centuries, probably with good reason in the past. However, the majority of modern landlords aren’t greedy and run decent businesses housing people. Over the last two decades they have plugged the gap of providing housing for recipients of state support/DSS/LHA in light of the unavailability of council housing. In the last ten year’s of being a landlord I have learnt that some people are either unwilling or unable to run a home of their own either due to a lack of education, support or not wanting to take on such a responsibility.

This wonderful world is made up of people who differ from each other in so many ways but every one has an overriding desire - to have a roof over their head that they can afford. Whether it’s the Government, charities or private landlords which are facilitating this need to be achieved, doesn’t matter; the point is we are all working towards the same goal. The recent tax legislation has caused mortgaged private landlords to become annexed from this group prompting much needed houses to be withdrawn from the rental market.

It hasn’t escaped many of us that the real plan appears to bring rental houses under the umbrella of large corporations - many of these are involved in property and are major contributors to the Conservative party. I can understand why this is a market which is attractive to large companies if they are given the land and resources to build houses purely for rental. If this is the case, I can see no need to bully landlords out of the PRS. Wouldn’t we all be better finding a cohesive approach to housing the nation rather than picking fights for the media to feed from? Build the houses, protect the vulnerable and work towards this basic goal of providing homes.

Yours sincerely... Read More


16:44 PM, 19th January 2017, About 5 years ago

How do I deal with benefit cap on single parent with 4 kids?

Absolutely. It's quite possible to feed everyone and keep a roof over one's head on that amount providing she budgets - I did it with 3 children and developed a love for camping! As I said, this is a matter of choice otherwise she may want to see if there are any council houses for her. If you choose eviction, the council will insist her rent payments are up to date before they help her and may even ask you to gain a Court Possession Order before they'll act. Very stressful for the family and landlord but I do know tenants who have persevered through this process and been given a tenancy for a decent council place at the end. Call it a Survival Test.............. Read More


15:31 PM, 19th January 2017, About 5 years ago

How do I deal with benefit cap on single parent with 4 kids?

Hi Tony

I've just had the same scenario due to the Benefit Cap - HB taken from £115 pw to £25 pw. In this instance my tenant believes she's entitled to demand that I reduce the rent in accordance with the new rate. If you look at your tenants' income it's likely she's getting Income Support and Child Tax Credit which may be around £1500 a month. You can reduce the rent or your tenant can reduce her expenditure - I suggest you have a chat with her to find out how you can both progress forward.

Serena... Read More