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17:01 PM, 16th March 2021, About 9 months ago

HMO in private residence?

An HMO is legally defined by my council as 3 people from separate households in the same property sharing facilities within the house. This means that having 2 lodgers in your home would make your property an HMO. it would depend on your council as to what they require you to have.
My HMO has fire doors with closers smoke alarms in every room turn button locks on every door. I have added these to my own house aswell because I want to be safe where I live.
There will be information online about your council. You do not need planning permission for an HMO until you have 6+ people for my council.... Read More


10:33 AM, 17th July 2019, About 2 years ago

Illegal HMO- Do we advise Council?

my council were really good about it they gave us time to sort the alterations. you will need fire doors with a closer on each bedroom, with locks that can be opened from the inside without a key. turn button locks is what we fitted. smoke alarms in every room and facilities for the number of people in house. ie fridges and cooking. better that they hear from you than it gets reported as you are still liable but they will take things into account. but you do need to make the house safe for those living there and your piece of mind. Also if you rent it as an HMO you have more access to it and control over the people in it.... Read More