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11:23 AM, 21st January 2020
About 7 months ago

Assistance dog increase?

I believe you can still use a pet clause in the Tenancy Agreement which says that the tenants agree to pay for professional cleaning at the end of the tenancy, including the cleaning of all carpets and treating the property for fleas and mites. I have used a template from in the past. It also says any damage caused by the pet has to be paid for (of course) and only gives permission for one specific pet. There used to be a pet policy that you could use which detailed conditions, such as not leaving pet alone for more than 4 hours, making sure it was treated for fleas etc but I am not sure how you would be able to enforce all the rules. Not a great help but at least your property would be professionally cleaned. (Personally, I would stress that they had to supply the paid invoice for this before I would release the deposit.)... Read More


12:38 PM, 29th June 2019
About A year ago

It's a numbers game

I agree with alocjtoi. Too many people are using children as a meal ticket.... Read More