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17:12 PM, 1st July 2019, About 2 years ago

Separation and Divorce of Landlords in a partnership

Thanks Neil. The main question we need answering is:

If we apply for divorce and the joint properties are split as part of the divorce agreement will we have to pay CGT and Stamp duty as we have been living apart (although still married) for more than 1 year?... Read More


23:05 PM, 26th June 2019, About 2 years ago

Divorce and GGT outside of the 12 month exemption

Rob - Did you get to the bottom of what “staying connected for CGT” means?

I’m in a similar situation, my husband and I stopped living together 18 months ago so we could take some time apart to decide on what we wanted to do, now we have amicably decided to divorce and split everything 50/50 we are now being told that because it’s a year since we stopped living together that we can’t transfer the properties that are in joint names to Individual names without paying CGT and Stamp duty. I though the whole idea of separating to give yourself time to come to terms with the break up and possibly get back together is now not in our favour.

Trying to find a solution to this for the best way to move forwards. Any suggestions?... Read More