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10:55 AM, 21st September 2018, About 3 years ago

Selective licensing 101

hi, I am an accidental landlord and kept my first property to rent out and keep for my children in order to help them later on in life. I have been renting out a 5 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 en-suite with toilet and sink in. My son lives there and rents one of the rooms, the other 4 are rented out individually. As a family member is resident there do I need a licence. I have only just come across the HMO regulations and am probably going to struggle with doing the paperwork. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. David... Read More


12:13 PM, 4th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Overseas investor wishes to invest in UK

Hi Mark, I think this is what she was angling for and I can probably find time to do it. I am just not sure as she lives abroad whether she can get a mortgage if she wants to buy more than 1 property, tax liability. I have heard of these property find companies and thought they may be on top of rules and regs for overseas investors. would not like to make an expensive mistake... Read More