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Graham Davidson

7:40 AM, 12th September 2020, About 9 months ago

Invest now or wait for the crash?

All agents are complaining that they cannot get enough properties on the market to satisfy the feeding frenzy at the moment so good luck to anyone trying to scare a seller into taking a mega low offer. Don’t disagree with the theory behind your post but that time is not now.
If anything, for anyone wanting to exit the market, I would say do it now.... Read More

Graham Davidson

8:19 AM, 7th December 2019, About 2 years ago

Christmas is not the time to find New Build bargains

It has everything to do with year end and half year end. Any stock units available at these two times will be discounted until it sells. So it is the time to grab a bargain and the headline of this article is wrong.... Read More