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Small Fry

2:24 AM, 13th February 2014, About 8 years ago

Ipswich Council refunding landlord licensing fees after Westminster Court of Appeal sex shop case

Great analogy Mike,

"What if the Police said we are all muggers unless we register with them as law abiding citizens and we have to pay them a fee to get a clean record and a licence to walk down the streets."

That's on an exact par with what all our Local Councils have done up here in Scotland - probably as a test-bed for UK-wide deployment later. They impose a Compulsory Landlord/Letting Agent Registration fee of £55 each + £11 per property; the £55 + £11/property both renewable every 3 years.

And for what? So the Council can "make sure they keep good standards of practice." and show they are "fit and proper" landlords or letting agencies. But I know for a fact that my tenants have NEVER been asked what kind of a landlord I am by any Council representative.

Also, officially "The local authority must be satisfied that they are fit and proper persons to let property, before registering them." but no council official has ever tried to determine what kind of landlord I am; not prior to, not during, not after registration. By simply paying the fees, it seems I become a fit and proper landlord and keep good standards of practice.

I always felt our Local Councils have seen us landlords and letting gencies as cash-cows and so I agree with your view that "Most authorities are now day light robbers and are immune from punitive measures."

Question is :
Does anyone know whether our Scottish Local Authorities are in breach of European Services Directives in charging fees for registration and if so what and how would we go about asking for our money back? It's all made so 'official' (Part 8 of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004) that it deters any challenge!... Read More

Small Fry

15:51 PM, 5th February 2014, About 8 years ago

Avoid CGT by adding spouse to deeds?

Hello Mark,

Within your reply you say "Adding your kids for example would not work because that would trigger CGT on the transfer to them".

Isn't there a way to eliminate (or at least minimise) the CGT in adding children - perhaps by adding them at the same time as adding a spouse?

SmallFry... Read More