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Paul Barrow

11:28 AM, 24th August 2018
About 3 years ago

Government urged to incentivise Landlords in Autumn Budget

A very sensible summary of what the overall impact will be going forward for both tenants and landlords... Read More

Paul Barrow

22:56 PM, 10th March 2014
About 7 years ago

Remortgaging not so straight forward

Hi ..

Thanks for the feedback guys..

Skipton was the building society that raised the issue . They asked what current mortage was and what I wanted to borrow on re-mortage . They asked what I wanted to do with extra funds and I said to release capital for further buy to let investments down stream . They said at under writing stage they would only release if specific property details could be confirmed .

Given I've seen a few potential auction properties coming up, I wanted to release some equity so I knew what I had to play with rather than just increasing debt with no real strategy.

Howard , one of your guys has been looking into it for me and when I questioned it , he confirmed most will only lend when you are actively pursuing another property and this can be referenced etc..

This effectively means some of the more attractive deals have been ruled out which came a bit of a surprise... Read More