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alan wetherall

16:38 PM, 23rd January 2013, About 9 years ago

Should I purchase a dryer in a shared house ?

We run 11 HMO,s and provide washing/spindryers as part of the shared facilities. We have always had card timers for these machines and they have always produced a degree of conflict and hazzle. We recently changed them to £1 metres and they are far more popular with no hazzle. Intersetingly the machines are used far more than before when it was cards ???? Alan... Read More

alan wetherall

12:52 PM, 9th December 2012, About 9 years ago

HMO Heroes and Villains


have modified 11 properties with 26 HMO tenants and would be happy to share our
experiences from having to revive somebody with mouth to mouth and CPR when he
had a needle sticking out of his arm and technically dead. To fending off
tenants who wanted to pay for their rent in “kind”

Regards... Read More

alan wetherall

12:46 PM, 9th December 2012, About 9 years ago

Landlord Accreditation - what's the point?

As a landlord of three years with 16 tenants I felt the need
to be accredited even though I was a NLA member and attended a lot of their
meetings. I signed up with EMLA (East midlands landlords association). What a
mistake. They require to come and complete a 26 point health & safety risk assessment
of 10% of your houses. Mine where ok but failed on silly points but the
surveyor had to find something. (For example: - a dripping outside tap dripping
into a drain) I also attended a one day
seminar which I can honestly say was the most boring 8 hrs of my life. It was
just bureaucracy gone daft

When I mentioned the fact that I was an accredited landlord to
prospective tenants they showed a complete lack of concern, they just wanted a nice
clean well presented accommodation at a fair price.

Would I do it again or recommend it. NO WAY. My local
authority does not react differently between accredited and non accredited and
does nothing about the landlords in my area who cram 11 people into a house. At
least with my EMLAS accreditation I don’t have to go through the same rigmarole
to be accredited with the NLA. (But I will have to go to their meetings to keep
my points up)

Alan Wetherall... Read More

alan wetherall

16:45 PM, 30th November 2012, About 9 years ago

Has this Oxford tenant fallen foul of HMO legislation?

hi David
your landlord is running an unlicensed HMO even though you are dealing with the tenants. The HMO department will go over this house with a fine tooth comb (Rightly so) and will enter is a discussion with him not yourselve.


Alan Wetherall

HMO Landord... Read More

alan wetherall

12:00 PM, 10th July 2012, About 10 years ago

HMO outrage for landlords & tenants - this time it's Council Tax!

Hi I am a landlord in Northamptonshire and had the valauation officer round after the council had been tipped off i had converted the house into flats. We converted a semi detached house into three studio rooms (each with its own Elfin kitchen but they all shared a bathroom) they tripled the rates from £941 to £2023 per year and classed a room 12ft x 13ft as a band A ratable value dwelling. When I asked him what the criteria was for doing this he told me it was because each tenant had an individual tenancy agreement which made their room a dwelling. there is no redress for this as it boils down to his opionion.
I asked if the following criteria whould class a room as a dwelling and the answer was no in each case. Locks on the dorrs, microwave in the room, fridge in the room, all where no. It was the individual tenancy agreements which mattered. When i told him that every HMO in corby was like this he agreed and that they would also have to pay multiple room rates if they were reported to the council when i told him that this would make them all unprofitable and result in 100,s of tennats being put out on the streets he said it wasnt his problem.
The local NLA rep could offer no help than "they were also trying it on in Wellingborough" but he did suggest i contact my local MP. Lousie Mensch but as she never visits Corby that was a great suggestion. The national NLA help line where no better (Why do i bother paying my membership)
Its made a nice liitle HMO of mine with nice tenants absolutly non profitable so what do i do.... Read More