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Andrew Stuart

11:32 AM, 21st March 2014, About 8 years ago

Mortgage Express UKAR LPA Receivership

Chris how refreshing to see MX 'backdoor' dealings being highlighted and brining it to members attention in your recent post. However I did post a question regarding similar matter late last year with little or no response. Thankfully it now seems to have been picked up and I totally agree where members have played by the rules and kept their accounts in an orderly manner they should not be subjected to what is such an unfair practice.
Like ATOS that has now been outed due to such bad press they are trying to curtail their contract with the government, maybe we can hope for a similar outcome.

I think previously the lack of response was perhaps due to a combination of ignorance (I'm alright Jack my house is in order) disbelief that a government body would do such a thing or simply didn't want to put their heads above the parapit.Whatever the reason member's need to wake up and smell the coffee and be on their guard.
Keep up the good work Chris and good luck with spreading the word.... Read More

Andrew Stuart

10:51 AM, 10th December 2013, About 8 years ago

Mortgage Express and Buy to Let Nightmares

Buy to let nightmare it certainly is and sympathy with all tenants concerned, but the blame stands firmly with your brother surely. Not a typical MX story.... Read More

Andrew Stuart

14:20 PM, 28th November 2013, About 8 years ago

Story of an Eviction

Glad you have finally had closure on ths sorry state of affairs.
Having followed the thread responses I am alarmed that you were advised to offer £400 cash incentive for the tenant to vacate I find that so unprofessional and weak advice.

Nothing short of paying a ransom and will only encourage other 'streetwise' tenants to follow endangering other landlords.
NEVER EVER reward this sort of behaviour it may come back to bite you in the ***... Read More

Andrew Stuart

11:08 AM, 27th November 2013, About 8 years ago

RBS accused of putting viable businesses into default to make a profit

re MX
What do members think about this week's news regarding evidence that RBS are calling in business loans in order to liquidate the companies involved assets? Obviously RBS is government owned so isn't it a similar situation to Mortgage express and UKAR?... Read More