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Dr Richard Holland

10:15 AM, 12th March 2020, About 2 years ago

Budget 2020 - Landlord Reactions

Any ideas how you convert letting business into hotelier business ?... Read More

Dr Richard Holland

8:04 AM, 17th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Champagne Shadow Cabinet own multiple homes

The looney left are back after years of absence. One rule for them another for us. Is there not a tax implication for stamer and his rent free sister?... Read More

Dr Richard Holland

13:10 PM, 21st August 2019, About 2 years ago

Another reason not to accept tenants on benefits: a case study

I have made three application to the dwp over 18 months and have received absolutely nothing but 4500 debt my MP got involved and I had an email from dwp wanting to discuss the applications requesting my phone number which they already had. I supplied it again and surprise surprise I never received a call. I now don't take dss tenants... Read More

Dr Richard Holland

8:08 AM, 5th June 2019, About 3 years ago

What use is an AST any more?

Why not use a section 8 more than 8 weeks /two months rent arrears action two weeks after serving judge has to give you possession as long as you served correct documents at start of AST
I see your comments on tenant which I dont see how they can . Section 8 is the route I have used many times before with no hitch. Sounds like you have a bad one hear... Read More