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Chris Clare

15:07 PM, 19th October 2018
About 6 months ago

Generation Rent tries to hoodwink policymakers

Brilliant piece of work Al, thorough concise and easy to understand.

I have often said that the likes of Generation Rent and tenants in general are sawing the branch they are sitting on. However I can't help thinking now that it is more like they are cheating at an exam.

On the face of it, this policy work looks good, (like the exam result) but it is utterly pointless as it is flawed in so many ways and anyone that relies on it will be sorely disappointed.

I honestly fail to see the point as the inevitable is predestined and all this rubbish just puts off the solution which in turn puts more people at risk.

The scary thought is, by the time they actually realise they have to do something, irreparable harm may have already been done, it may take the PRS decades to recover from this. This means the long term future for tenants is very bleak.... Read More

Chris Clare

15:02 PM, 28th September 2018
About 7 months ago

Rental cost and increases at record levels

I think this is one of those very misleading surveys.

For one thing it states "with the number of house-hunters registered per branch dropping by 19%" These statistics are based on the amount of branch registrations. This has been changing for a few years now with most tenants skipping the agents altogether and just going straight to RightMove for their property search. RM is far more responsive if you are being quickly priced out of a fast moving market and tenants have realised this hence the change in the way they search. This doesn't mean a reduction in the amount of prospective tenants but just a change in their sourcing behaviour.

We are finding that tenant demand is significantly higher than it has been in the last 20 years so much so that two of our properties have re-let over the last 6 months at at least 30% more than the outgoing rent.

For our region at the very least, tenant demand is rising, available stock is reducing and as such rents are rising. Basic supply and demand.... Read More

Chris Clare

10:33 AM, 24th September 2018
About 7 months ago

£4,000 to replace a broken window?

Have you thought of looking for a rope access crew. They tend to do these sort of jobs where access is limited and they also can have experience in jobs such as window installs etc.

They would come down from above which means no scaffolding and I would imaging they just rope off below. This should mean lower cost, not sure it would be cheaper but got to be worth a look.... Read More

Chris Clare

16:40 PM, 5th September 2018
About 7 months ago

Section 21 - The Bigger Picture not seen by Citizens Advice

INHO this data is flawed, let me explain.
Around 1,000 were surveyed which is considered a minimum sample for a viable conclusion to a hypothosis.
However, only 148 surveyed had received a S21 notice 849 did not.
This therefore means only 148 people were really sampled for the reports results, which is far short of a figure needed to make a proper worthy conclusion.
Finally the survey focussed on the issuance of the S21 and not the incidents of tenant complaints. I would imaging that far more than the 148 respondents would have raised an issue with the LL about something, and going by their own statistics received no consequential backlash in doing so.
Due to the small number of respondents experiencing S21 the better question would have been how many of you have reported an issue with the property, this is likely to be more than the 148. Of those respondents how many of you have experienced an S21 as a result, this would have created a far smaller and less alarming percentage figure and more inline with Paul's summation and experience of the real market place.
That's just my ten penneth worth!... Read More

Chris Clare

12:52 PM, 19th May 2018
About 11 months ago

GDPR confusion and misinformation

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 19/05/2018 - 10:35
No Mick it wasn’t me sorry.

I have been registered with ICO for 7 years so I just accept this and the many other things we do as a cost of doing business.

If you’re not prepared to do both companies I would register the new one and move all the data to it. But if you continue to store and process data in the old one you will have to get it registered.... Read More