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Chris Clare

11:01 AM, 18th August 2020
About 4 months ago

Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses provider gone bust?

Silly question, have you asked DAS for a list of their introducers/intermediaries so you can pick one and send the business through them to DAS?

And Deborah and I are not least I dont think we are haha ;-)... Read More

Chris Clare

10:24 AM, 20th July 2020
About 5 months ago

Help please and tenant's surname spelt wrong?

I agree, if you can afford to defer their rent do so. However get them to pay it and offer it back to them as a sum of monies when the keys are handed over, that way you will still maintain leverage over them.... Read More

Chris Clare

16:09 PM, 13th February 2020
About 10 months ago

Tenant refuses to grant access without paying him?

I would also suggest that anyone who enters this property does so with a camera strapped to their chest.

Then if this delightful tenant tries it on you can report him for fraud.... Read More

Chris Clare

11:43 AM, 11th December 2019
About 12 months ago

ICO demand - is it a scam?

Whilst this particular letter which is being sent out is indeed not a scam. It is worth noting that the manner in which the ICO has decided to carry out this project does leave the consumer open to scams.

This letter is a little non personal and whilst it is printed on ICO letterhead that is not hard to fake, which is also the same for the method of resolution and payment.

It is my opinion that as soon as a fraudster realises that these letters are being issued they will jump on the bandwagon and start doing their own, trying to manipulate individuals into sending money to their own accounts. So be vigilant, just because this one is genuine does not mean any future ones will be.

The tip I would give for any of these letters is ignore what is on it and visit the ICO website directly by typing in or following the links in Nick's post above.

Above all never go to links in unsolicited, emails, texts or letters as these could be manipulated links from a fraudster.... Read More

Chris Clare

15:22 PM, 19th November 2019
About A year ago

Tenants being quizzed by HMRC

Wow! This looks like a scam waiting to happen.

The scammers get a list of property from Land Registry that is held by an offshore owner and then send letters similar to this with demands for back tax but confirmation that they don't have to pay any rent for a few months to compensate them.

Involving an unitianted tenant in tax collection, is a recipe for disaster IMHO.... Read More