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Chris Clare

11:32 AM, 15th April 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Tenant charged with Arson?

Reply to the comment left by Julie Dawson at 15/04/2021 - 10:15
Yes just write to him, as others say it is informal.

What I would do is write the letter you want signed and sent back to you, and include that so all he has to do is sign it include a stamped self addressed envelope. This way you can ensure the wording is sufficiently legally correct and beyond a signature he has to do nothing.

Get someone to help you word it or search the net for a surrender letter.... Read More

Chris Clare

9:58 AM, 15th April 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Tenant charged with Arson?

Hi Julie

Really sorry to hear your plight I really feel for you.

I had a slightly different situation, many years ago my tenant who was absolutely perfect, never missed a payment improved the property and the neighbours loved him. However he was caught driving a van with drugs in it so he was sent to prison for 10 years.

I, like you did not want to send good money after bad, so wrote to him in prison asking very politely to formally surrender the lease. He did and that was it.

Whilst the advice from Steve is absolutely correct, I would take a moment first to try and get the tenant to surrender, at least that way it is free and you never know, it may work.... Read More

Chris Clare

11:01 AM, 18th August 2020
About 9 months ago

Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses provider gone bust?

Silly question, have you asked DAS for a list of their introducers/intermediaries so you can pick one and send the business through them to DAS?

And Deborah and I are not least I dont think we are haha ;-)... Read More

Chris Clare

10:24 AM, 20th July 2020
About 10 months ago

Help please and tenant's surname spelt wrong?

I agree, if you can afford to defer their rent do so. However get them to pay it and offer it back to them as a sum of monies when the keys are handed over, that way you will still maintain leverage over them.... Read More

Chris Clare

16:09 PM, 13th February 2020
About A year ago

Tenant refuses to grant access without paying him?

I would also suggest that anyone who enters this property does so with a camera strapped to their chest.

Then if this delightful tenant tries it on you can report him for fraud.... Read More