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James Parker

17:25 PM, 14th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Bad Mortgage Advice - Accept Compensation Offer or Escalate?

Thank you for the advice everyone, greatly appreciated.

They made the offer this morning and asked for a decision by 5pm today. This is what set my alarm bells ringing as to why they need such a quick resolution.

They have also said that if I choose to reject the offer and escalate it could take up to 8 weeks for the complaints team to review the case.

I've since spoken to the mortgage advisor again and said that I am taking the night to think about it. She's out of the office tomorrow but has passed me a direct number for the branch manager to call in the morning with my decision.

I think I'll take the offer and learn my lesson for next time. I need them to get the paperwork out to the solicitors asap as the developer is pushing for exchange of contracts. If it will be difficult to prove my case with Halifax it's not worth the risk of the whole thing falling through.

Agree that it has been a huge mistake going direct!... I've always used brokers in the past. Thought I'd try the other route this time but it's backfired!

Thanks again,
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