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14:31 PM, 22nd October 2021, About 3 days ago

Tenants - This is probably the second joint biggest reason why you can't get a house and why you're paying extortionate rents

It’s worth noting that in addition to rent payments needing to be paid direct to landlord, any fraudulent action taken by the tenant (e.g moving the boyfriend in whilst claiming UC they are not entitled too), should not result in the landlord having to pay these rent payments back. If the tenant commits fraud, they should pay it back!... Read More


11:04 AM, 25th September 2021, About a month ago

Labour the party of home ownership?

Labour? The party who has decimated the balance of housing supply and demand through mass immigration of over 10 million people without a single thought of the impact on services and infrastructure.... Read More


19:00 PM, 9th September 2021, About 2 months ago

Tenant demand accelerating and outstripping falling landlord supply

Oh well……we warned this would happen, the direct result of successive punitive measures against the PRS and double standard rules which don’t apply to the social sector.
1. Wear n tear allowance scrapped.
2. Stamp duty for BTLs.
3. 100% council tax payable on void properties from day 1 (not even a 25% discount).
4. Reduction in deposit amounts ( 5 weeks is woefully inadequate).
5. Unable to take pet deposits.
6. Council tax single banding for HMOs.
7. Section 24 tax, no other business is unable to offset their costs.
8. Numerous unfair decisions against landlords made by the deposit schemes, whilst landlords are unable to have a rogue tenant database, only a rogue landlord list.
9. Scrapping of fees for application and referencing which has led to higher costs from agents.
10. The lack of help with COVID and the court system being unfit for purpose, with a further insult of section 21 being scrapped!
Every week I am contacted by people in a desperate situation due to their landlord selling up. I feel genuinely sorry for them. I have been there myself. Unfortunately, I’m just a small time landlord with a handful of properties. I refused to buy anymore after stamp duty was introduced like many others. The government have poisoned the sector in the middle of a housing crisis!... Read More


12:04 PM, 3rd September 2021, About 2 months ago

Section 24 Tax Is Now Hitting Tenants Hard

George Osbournes catastrophic policies need to be reversed…..simple as. Section 24 and stamp duty has killed further growth, along with council tax charges on void properties and single banding for HMOs. But the myopic policies will just get worse with epc unobtainable standards and less protection from rogue tenants. Rents will keep soaring. Good luck tenants…….you’re going to need it!... Read More


12:15 PM, 4th March 2021, About 8 months ago

The Housing Crisis, Who's to blame - Studio Interview Thursday (today) 8pm

Landlords are the scapegoats everyone loves to blame. The fact is both Tory and Labour have created this. There were 7 million social homes in the uk at its height (1980s). Under the conservatives right to buy scheme that has diminished to 3.5 million. Additionally, the Labour Party have let 3 million people into the country under uncontrolled mass immigration. You don’t have to be Carol Vorderman to work out the consequences 🙄. It’s not landlords fault, but there always has to be a scapegoat in any dysfunctional system to hide the real truth. No government will take responsibility and Shelter don’t want to blame governments which pays their fat at salaries!........enter the scapegoat landlord.... Read More