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9:30 AM, 20th April 2019
About 2 years ago

Applying for LTD Co Specialist BTL products directly?

You are always better off using a Broker, I was one for a long time. Tricky to place Ltd Co buy to let these days they always ask for personal guarantees so in effect you are underwriting the Morgage debt yourself. I have used best4let in the past and like any Broker if you give them your case warts and all they contact a Lender prior to submission and then conduct a decision in principle to avoid wasting time. If you do it yourself Lenders will vet every single item of paperwork and not take a risk on the case as they would through a Broker.
Fees are around £395 with many Brokers which in this climate is cheap when you consider their compliance fees to conduct their Business
If you have had a case declined it is down to the research of the Broker or valuations or personal circumstances. You will not win attempting to conduct this yourself and for a paltry fee why would you want to.... Read More