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paul kaye

13:52 PM, 30th January 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Am I visiting my daughter as Mum or Landlord?

trouble brewing.
I would never do this.
You would have been better to have a tenancy agreement only with your daughter.
Then say she can rent a room, your daughter can have £7500 income from the lodger each year with no tax.I would also have terms in the tenancy that the lodger
cannot have any one staying over night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having said this I would end the tenancy asap and have a new one for your daughter only,she can still rent a room,as said above.... Read More

paul kaye

19:35 PM, 17th January 2020
About a month ago

5 Weeks Deposit and Pet Deposits

There are so many regulations made by people who do not own my houses !
making you allow pets,well are they going to clean up and pay for the damage ?
I now raise my rents to cover pets and extra insurance.
Obviously if damage is done they will still have to pay and will have their deposit deducted to cover all costs.The insurance is for my protection.I have been left with fleas many times and the tenant is made to pay.
Now with electrical checks to pay for ,rents will go up again.
Is there no end from the government ? soon rents will be so high,all down to the government.
will sell up soon and let the government house my tenants,this is the very least I can do for the government.!... Read More

paul kaye

11:14 AM, 2nd January 2020
About 2 months ago

Can this be construed as damage to the carpet?

washing machines are so cheap these days,you can get one for £199.00 take out extra cover for 5 years and you are covered !
I however, never supply appliances,I provide a good home to rent that I myself would gladly live in !
Appliances can be rented, or if you really want to provide them make sure you insure them for repairs/breakdowns for 5 years,even rent them to your tenants ?... Read More

paul kaye

10:40 AM, 10th December 2019
About 2 months ago

Third of generation Z think landlords should change their light bulbs

I think all tenants should replace light bulbs ,after all they are the ones using them.
Also they should expect to replace batteries in smoke alarms etc and shower hoses and shower curtains.Also they should replace tap washers.
All these items are from the tenants use and are very small expectations.
I have all these written into tenancy agreements.If the landlord supplies a cooker and or hob the Landlord does not have to replace them if they break down .
There is no legal obligation,but I would replace them because I supplied them in the first place.
However one way is not to supply a cooker or hob and leave it to the tenats.... Read More

paul kaye

14:31 PM, 9th December 2019
About 2 months ago

Is Robert Jenrick going soft on Rent Controls?

I have not had a holiday since I became a landlord over 15 years ago.
I worked hard saved hard and invested in modern homes.
I have paid my taxes from day one !
I look after my tenants and yes had some bad ones who stopped paying rent and or damaged property.
I have taken two to court and won and one is still paying me back.
The other I waited 5 years to get my money having put a charging order on their property (yes they owned a house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I feel the government needs to treat BTL as a business,like any other and allow all expenses,mortgage charges etc.
Landlords from hell need putting out of business,they are affecting us "good landlords." If it gets any worse I am selling up and going to "allow" the government to house my tenants and see how they get on,because I have had enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why should I have taken risks,gone without and get screwed by any government !?... Read More