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12:41 PM, 31st October 2020, About 12 months ago

Open Letter to The Property Ombudsman - Agents Operating Illegally

Hi I found this article and all the comments very informative and helpful.
I have been involved in a similar situation for a wile with a so called property deal sourcing company.That claim to source SA, rent 2 rent deals as well as sourcing and selling large development deals to investors.They also claim to provide a hands off management service for such properties on behalf of investors.
They have ripped me off over a so called HMO rent to rent deal that they offered me.
They go under the name of insta deals Ltd and insta Group Ltd.
After purchasing one of their rent 2 rent deals which they claimed to be located in London, which was supposedly for a 60 month contract period.
Firstly the property address that was listed in the R2R contract
had nothing to do with there company, after viewing the property (that I did myself) after the company failed to arrange on my behalf for several months.
The property was occupied by the owner.
Insta deals claimed that they had put the wrong property address in the contract.but then failed to provide any other such address. Then they failed to issue any refund for the deal.
After making several checks with the various property redress
schemes as mentioned in this post, insta deals are not registered with any of them.
So I would request for Mark to report them to the Financial Ombudsman's man for investigation.
Also to warn other investors against doing any business with this company.
Who are clearly operating illegally as property agents,deal soursers and Estate Agents.
I think that such companies should be investigated, prosecuted for fraud and illegal practices and stuck off from
ever operating again.... Read More


13:54 PM, 15th August 2020, About A year ago

Constant price hikes by property management company?

Where is the property? it sounds like the same development that I own a property in which is in Surrey, with an agent that keeps increasing there costs and the service charges each year.... Read More


15:00 PM, 18th June 2020, About A year ago

CBILS for developer?

Hi All
I would like some advise regarding a hot water tank that the tenants have been leaving on 24/7 which I think has been costing too much in electricity,to heat the hot water in the property, the property only has electricity supply no gas.Now the hot water tank has developed a fault, which is it will not switch off at the max temperature and over heats, which is probably due to a broken thermostat, as the thermostat has been going on and off frequently due to the hot water tank being left on day and night. This is down to the tenants not turning the water off at all or using it more efficiently such as at night when the electric cost is cheaper,
Now it needs serious repairs or replacement, which I think should be al least partly paid for by the tenants due to there negligence and lack of consideration in saving electricity costs and to also save the environment, which they also have no regard for.Also the property is a small HMO 3beds, therefore I am the one thats been paying the bills.... Read More


9:57 AM, 1st February 2020, About 2 years ago

If I am renting out a room do I need to pay tax?

Hi All the above is quite straight forward about tax payable or not for renting out a room in your own property,
I have another related question to this that I have not been able to find the answer to on the gov website.
Which is would the amount of tax I pay to HMRC be affected if I
1 receive income from self employment
2 receive income from HMO property
3 receive income from renting a room in my property even though the income is below the £7500 limit
In other words is the third income taxable over all to my income even though its below the taxable limit.
Any advice would be most appropriated.
Thanks Tony... Read More


10:56 AM, 23rd December 2019, About 2 years ago

The 5 Golden Rules of Property Investing

Good advise simon, but you only mentioned 4 golden rules not 5.... Read More