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21:43 PM, 10th February 2020, About 2 years ago

To Trust or Not To Trust - Transferring To Spouse

I need help with Mortgage Express. Back in 2008 MX reposed some properties. After they where sold, it had a shortfall, but they did not ask for any money until after 3 years. We agreed a repayment amount because they still had some other properties from me. After two years the company they where using to collect the repayment stopped collecting and returned the accounts to Mortgage Express. Everything went quite a gain for another two years. again, we entered into another monthly payment agreement.
Now, last year Mortgage Express asked me to give them consent to secure the loan on the other properties and my residential home. But, I did not give them consent.

The have now put a claim against me in the high court in Manchester. I have sent in a defence without consulting any solicitors yet. But, I know one is needed is I am going push back against Mortgage Express.

Please help, what can I do at this stage?... Read More


16:24 PM, 13th February 2019, About 3 years ago

UKAR/Mortgage Express moving the goalposts!

Hi All,

I have 5 mortgages with MtXpr and I want to remortage just three. does anyone have any experience with MX when it comes to re-mortgaging.

Do I need to tell them from the start?... Read More