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18:43 PM, 10th June 2020
About 2 months ago

Tenant withholding rent due to boiler problems

For starters, I would stop taking calls late at night and responding to everything every time. I'm sure they'll message you if they can't reach you. Tell them to do so.

Have contingency for emergencies, of course. You being on standby 24/7 is not it.

Asses what is reasonable and respond accordingly.

Emergency plumber is for EMERGENCY. Boiler suddenly not working late at night is not emergency.

And to answer your questions
- do chase up with them. Or maybe the engineer will find out it needs replacing and save you the trouble but do ask
- if the engineers are coming out in a day or two from the date of reporting, I would NOT take any bs about rent reduction unless they took longer to actually fix the problem.... Read More


11:32 AM, 8th June 2020
About 2 months ago

Eviction Ban Extended 2 Months Until 23rd August

What unprecedented action exactly was taken to protect the landlord?

Why is it legal to force one party of a civil contract to have to uphold their obligations while the other don't and get more protection from the government. I'm sure there'll be more before I finish posting this.

Every "reform" to the PRS is anti landlord legislation or regulations.

Someone commented on a post regarding announcement of one such legislation and I think that really is the core of the reason why we are in this mess. "lobby with your MPs, the government to protect yourself then - we weren't just given these, we fought and lobbied hard for it".

I don't see nearly enough noise about how unfairly and illegally landlords are being battered with communist and outright stupid legislations.... Read More