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16:23 PM, 20th March 2020, About 2 years ago

Will I now have to postpone S8 eviction?

I took a tenant to court on 27th Feb, got the possession order and MJO.

I tried to instruct bailiffs yesterday, at which point the court told me was not possible due to the three month restriction. I discussed this with the representative at some length, but it appears the courts (at least my local) are saying no to all evictions whereby the bailiff has not already been instructed.

I'll be keeping on at this one, and keen to know if anyone has had any luck in a similar situation.... Read More


16:02 PM, 28th June 2019, About 2 years ago

Prompt rental payment discount?

I may be missing something, but this seems redundant on the basis that you can indeed charge a default fee (though the fee needs to be clear in the tenancy, and under what terms the fee is applicable (e.g. on each occasion that the monthly rent is in excess than 7 days late, a fee of £25 administration will be applied to the rental account in order to cover the costs of chasing payment from the tenant)).... Read More


10:57 AM, 5th June 2019, About 2 years ago

AST's signed on line - how do you make that work?

I have always used Signable for student tenancies.

Essentially you add the tenants and guarantors details in the contacts section, then load your agreement to the website and move the "Sign here" and "date here" boxes into the relevant places on said tenancy (it takes a little working out at first, but makes complete sense when you figure it out).

When you send it out, it sends to the first person to sign, and email reminders are sent periodically (you can change this to remind them daily, every three days etc...).

Once the first person has signed, it is sent to the next person and so on, until all parties have signed. Once all parties have signed, Signable then email a fully signed copy to all parties of the tenancy.

At any stage you can log in and it gives automated updates on where the signatures are up to (i.e. who is holding up the signing, and how many times they have been reminded, so you can chase the relevant person, rather than the whole party).

Hope this helps/makes sense!... Read More