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Tuesday 5th February 2019

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8:32 AM, 5th February 2019, About 3 years ago

Coventry Selective Licensing being rushed through?

All I can say for certain, any additional costs to us landlords, WILL be passed on to the tenants, there is zero doubt about that.

Should the council impose additional fees on landlords, they will indirectly impose those fees directly onto the tenants.

I 100% agree that landlords should provide a high standard of living, but at the end of the day, we're running a business and if we are forced to pay additional fees, we will recover those fees from the people that pay us (the tenants).

Anyone that thinks fees won’t be passed on, is seriously mistaken and out of touch with reality.

I have now repeated myself a number of times and hope the Council takes note that they are about to increase Coventry’s rent.... Read More