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10:02 AM, 1st May 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Bad advice and penalty fee for HMO let in Newham?

I'm sure all the advice above is good and worth pursuing. However, one issue which may have been overlooked is the lack of knowledge from the Agent about HMO licensing and planning (particularly if Article 4 is in place) in the first place. I recently asked a very well known agent to let a property and was astounded by the their lack of HMO knowledge - 3 or more sharers in Haringey requires planning and additional licensing and planning is very unlikely because of an apparent shortage of family homes and the strict criteria (minimum 120 sq meters property size).
Sadly, I realised there are probably many landlords out there relying on agents to understand the rules (which they clearly don't) and the landlords themselves don't realise if anything goes wrong they will ultimately be to blame and held to account. ARLA and similar bodies should be held to account, particularly with the high fees 'Professional' letting Agents charge for letting and even more so, in the current weighty legislative climate landlords and lettings are increasingly subjected to.
There is also the wider issue regarding HMO planning and licensing which for me is clearly a money grab and discriminates against single sharers - I can have any number of family members as a single household but am restricted when it comes to individual adult sharers supposedly because of overcrowding!
HMO Fees and policies are not applied consistently across all boroughs which leads to disparity in pricing (from £50 - £1500 I read) and confusion many experience today.... Read More


16:34 PM, 15th March 2019
About 2 months ago

Haringey Council additional HMO licensing

Given Zoopla's move to ban 'No DSS' I wonder if HMO policy in Haringey (and probably elsewhere) is discriminating against single people and sharers since its not possible to let to 3 or more individuals (2 or more households) without a license (and planning permission for change of use which is restricted under Art 4). Yet, any number and all manner of related people can live together (in exactly the same property) because they're regarded as a single housrhold.
Does anyone know if RLA or NLA or any other organisation have a view in this?... Read More


9:38 AM, 14th February 2019
About 3 months ago

The Tenants Fees Bill received Royal Assent

Probably need a property lawyer to interpret but it does say:
"Under the Act, landlords and agents are only able to recover reasonably incurred costs from tenants and must provide evidence of these costs before they can impose any charges"
Presumably this covers some of the above items as long as the AST is written in a way to include them? Otherwise, it seems if the charges are unlawful Section 21 will be unenforceable.... Read More