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Collette Holland

11:54 AM, 8th February 2019, About 3 years ago

I think my tenant has left, can I change the locks?

I was about to submit all my documents today to boston county court with £355 x2 cheques to proceed with a claim for possession, following serving a section. Move out date 13 Jan 2019, due to 3,500 rent arrears. brother and sister rent a room each in my flat i.e 2 seperate AST's. Sister is in 2,500 arrears and brother is in 1,000 arrears. I went into the flat (with notice given) yday and they are clearly going to leg it!!!! All boxed up ready to go. Shall i bother still posting the all the claim for possession package to the courts and spending £700. If they leave before they could recieve a court hearing date can the process in court still go ahead. I will have no forwarding address?... Read More