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15:08 PM, 25th September 2021, About 2 months ago

Cautionary tale to include fire cover clause in AST!

Hi Carole,
This sounds an absolute nightmare for you and the tenants. I had a similar situation with a fire at one of my rental properties around 5 years ago. I had similar insurance cover to cover loss of rent and temporary accommodation for the tenants.
At no time was there an issue raised in regard to the AST. From memory the only paperwork requested related to the gas and electrical certificates.
Your policy is clearly for a rental property with tenants in place hence rent / accommodation cover in event of a claim. The AST wording appears to be a weak attempt by the loss adjuster to not pay for accommodation.
If I were in your position I would write to the insurance provider and broker politely pointing out the reasons why you believe you are covered highlighting the clauses for temporary accommodation.
In return request a written explanation as to the reasons why you are not covered and where within the policy the reasons are stated.
Once someone has to justify the decision and refer to the policy wording you may find the insurance company will have a change of heart.
This will cost you nothing financially and will not impact on your relationship with the insurance company or current claim.
You are merely requesting clarification as your policy does not seem to be covering what you believed was an insured risk... Read More


8:41 AM, 28th August 2021, About 3 months ago

View on flooring clauses in a tenancy?

I have read the replies to this question with some surprise due to the wide variety of answers. My view would be based on the condition of the carpets and how long the tenants have been in the property.
The request for new carpets has no doubt been prompted by the rent increase. I have previously been asked to replace a kitchen and bathroom when a £40 increase in rent was advised. I politely declined.
The carpet issue needs to be reviewed as follows:
* Are the carpets in good condition (not threadbare) and safe for purpose (not loose or torn) Yes - move to next question / No - replace at your cost
* If the carpets are dirty, were they clean at the start of the tenancy? Clean at start - No replacement or clean / Dirty at start - Clean at your cost
As a landlord you need to maintain ,not improve the property.
If the carpets are fine invite the tenants to replace the carpets at their cost. The tenants may find the current carpets are still serviceable and you will be unlikely to receive further requests over and above maintenance issues in the future.... Read More


19:28 PM, 3rd December 2020, About A year ago

How to insure with no company let tenancy agreement?

As you have a tenancy in place I would suggest you contact your broker and request insurance be arranged in advance of the renewal. You can honestly answer there is a company tenancy agreement in place when asked. If pressed you can state the tenant has indicated they will not be renewing the lease. If the tenant moves out or not will only be known on the day the tenancy runs out.... Read More


11:47 AM, 24th November 2018, About 3 years ago

Fake agents scamming landlords and tenants

Hi Sandy,
I am sorry to hear of this awful situation. I am a landlord and have some knowledge but am not an expert. I am posting to offer guidance and recommend any advice is checked with a professional before acted upon. Landlord Action is your first port of call. It will be money well spent. Your contract is with a company so the tenancy is a company let agreement and to my understanding there is no requirement to secure the deposit. Was a deposit paid? The three tenants are problematic as they are resident in the property. I would speak to each of them explaining all of you have been victim of the bogus agency and recommend no further payments are made to the bogus agency. If you are able to, negotiate with the tenants an amicable resolution ie move out after four and a half months (rent plus 6 weeks deposit). I would speak to Landlord Action in regard to cancelling the 2 year contract with the bogus IT company. You do not want to re-let the property and the bogus agent reappearing claiming rights to the property / damages. Please let us know how this situation is resolved so we all may learn from it. All the best... Read More