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9:37 AM, 22nd November 2018
About 2 years ago

Commons Select committee attack lenders no DSS policies

Data from our parent company Landlord Advice UK show that out of the evictions carried out 87% of the defendants where possession was sought were on benefits. Out of the 87% only 8% of the defendants paid the debt as ordered by the court on or before the 14 days.
We do not have any data if the debt was paid after the 14 days.
I went before a judge a claim under section 8 for rent arrears. Defendant did not attend. I sought possession in 14 days which the Learned Judge gave. When it came to the money judgement the judge asked me if I wanted a judgement for the rent arrears and Legal costs. I said no, I did not want a judgement for rent arrears or costs. The Judge said "I presume that's because you know you are not going to get any money from the defendant". The judge was of course right, that's exactly the reason I did not seek any money judgement.
There is no doubt tenants on housing benefit are a high risk and lenders are entitled calculate the risk when lending to investors.

British Landlord Association
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18:55 PM, 21st November 2018
About 2 years ago

Use of Section 21 evictions in the PRS - Debate

We strongly oppose the attempts to abolish a landlord's right to terminate the tenancy after the fixed term has expired.
Before the Housing Act 1996 a landlord was required to serve a section 20 notice (not to be confused with a section 21 notice). The purpose of this notice was to put the tenant on notice that they were entering into an AST and the landlord could claim the let property back. So tenants always knew the landlord could ask for the property back
If the landlord's right to terminate the tenancy after the fixed term is abolished under section 21 it would adversely affect the PRS. We fear the most disadvantaged tenants will be affected by this proposal.
If the local authority build more social housing, then a case could be made to abolish or tweak the section 21.
The British Landlords Association
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