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21:58 PM, 16th September 2021, About a month ago

Tenant Referencing - who do you use for a thorough check these days?

I've always used I download their forms and give them to tenants to complete so I can see their information before deciding whether to go ahead with the credit check. I then input the information online. They are more expensive, especially if it's an international check. They do affordability checks and right to reside as standard. If it's not an international you can do a priority in a day or so. They give tenants a score and say if they think they are suitable. I self manage and don't use an agent but I only have 2 properties I rent out. Their forms have boxes to tick for bankruptcy and CCJ's. I've only had one couple fail because they picked up e CCJ they hadn't declared. But I've never had to evict anybody or any major problems in 18 years.... Read More


12:42 PM, 29th January 2020, About 2 years ago

Knotweed affecting value of property

You can spray with Glyphosate (round up) but this needs doing every year at growing phase for up to 5 years to properly remove. I wouldn't recommend using diesel because this will cause pollution and ground contamination, which is illegal. In my previous job we used to inject undiluted Glyphosate into each growing stem. This is done when it starts to grow after winter, inject each stem with Glyphosate and it will kill the plant and roots. It would be difficult to ensure you'd got it all if you let grow, it has to be at the start of the growing season. Please check the product safety data sheet for health and safety instructions.... Read More