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23:00 PM, 2nd April 2020, About 2 years ago

Government have created chaos in the PRS

In Leeds some of us have written to our local MP's & head of LCC to tell them to stop invoicing landlords for the Selective licensing scheme & to understand that as businesses if our income stops then everything else stops - No money = no money out. Therefore agents cannot be paid, repairs cannot be done because tradesmen cannot be paid. No one wants to attend due to the health risks. Not everyone has a mortgage & most rents are not = to the mortgage so a mortgage holiday doesn't address the shortfall. Tenants who are on UC or get their rent from the council have also stopped paying even though they have no valid reason all because an incompetent government cannot put a simple message across or understand there are 2 parts to an equation. Complete numpties. Now some idiots are wanting student contracts ripping up because the universities have closed. This is not our fault & our costs do not stop. If we terminate these contracts then who pays the utility bills & council tax. Who pays for the maintenance & common area costs? They seem to think landlords have a cash pile that they can just dig into. All other small businesses are about to go bust but for some reason they think the PRS is immune. Bombard your local MP's & councillors & give them our side of the story.... Read More


0:04 AM, 14th July 2019, About 2 years ago


23:41 PM, 9th July 2019, About 2 years ago

Starting a legal challenge to Leeds Selective Licensing?

Thanks for the comments. We have members of both organisations but feel they have not stood up enough to LCC. In fact NLA seemed to be in favour of it & have been very absent in terms of opposition. We have studied the cases mentioned. I'm mainly looking for details of a solicitor / barrister experienced in this field & whose costs may be reasonable. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Saeed... Read More


0:38 AM, 19th March 2019, About 3 years ago

Does bathroom with window need extraction fans?

Reply to the comment left by at 18/03/2019 - 12:31
Selective licensing does not allow them to apply new laws. This is illegal. Ask the officer to show you in writing where he is quoting the need for an extractor fan. If you have a window this should be sufficient. The extractor fans are needed if you have sealed windows as some flats/buildings have. Also some bathrooms have no windows. Many environment officers don't know all the laws themselves & just push anything onto landlords to show they are doing something & to make their dept stats look good.... Read More


22:00 PM, 22nd January 2019, About 3 years ago

Coventry Selective Licensing being rushed through?
We are a group of well over 200 landlords currently fighting Leeds city council implementing Selective Licensing. We created a website, posters, fliers, went on the radio, BBC TV, tracked down the MP's & councillors. We also attacked them on the council facebook pages. We went to all the local agents to get their support & alert all their landlords.
We went to every event they held, stood there for several hours & hounded the council.
For the online consultation we got everyone we knew to complete the forms as landlords, tenants & even local residents. They will give more weight to non landlord votes. We think around 3000 forms were completed. We used the links in our website to track the redirects.
We also produced 2 extensive reports to trash all of their claims. These were sent to Housing & the councillors on the exec board. We even visited the Scrutiny board to raise our concerns on the biased consultation forms & the false claims by the council.
From our research we found the housing report that triggered all of this. Its based on complete garbage.
We submitted lots of freedom of information requests to show what they have been doing. The council currently has a vast number of properties that fail the basic standards they are demanding from us.
We are awaiting the outcome of the consultation. They are trying to rip us off with an £825 fee for every single flat or property a landlord owns in the 2 areas they have targeted.
In reality the whole scheme is a con to bolster their own coffers. They are not adding a single penny to anything in the area. Feel free to get in touch. We will help anyone & in return will appreciate any help back.
This whole scheme is a complete con.
If you want to have copies of our reports & other details feel free to contact me -
It's hard work & takes a lot of fighting. Not all landlords will go with you partly from lethargy or simply believing they will get nowhere. However other areas have succeeded. This kept us going. You will need to do a lot of running around to get people on board. The consultation vote is crucial. Win that heavily & they have a very difficult case to then justify the charge. We labeled it a TENANT TAX & warned the council our rents will rise. We will charge the tenants 825 in 1 go just as they are charging us. We will then inform all the tenants that this is the fault of the council.
Our actions made the council take us seriously. Even the local councillors have been worried as we have loudly stated that we will vote against them at the next elections.
We used wotsapp to form our group in order to easily communicate. We even held a couple of landlord meetings to get people on board. We were fortunate that some agents chased all of their landlords & brought them to the meetings. They can be your key.
The other major downside of this scheme as seen in Nottingham is that the council then feels empowered to start making all sorts of demands on your properties to generate more revenue in fines.... Read More