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Carl I'Anson

10:25 AM, 14th November 2019
About 2 years ago

The myth that landlords can evict at a moment’s notice

Unfortunately it is usually a 6 month process for us Landlords to remove a tenant who refuses to leave, regardless of whether section 8 or 21 is used and regardless whether you engage a Solicitor or not. I’ve just had 2 cases were this has been the norm and although each case has different circumstances the process, sequence and timescales were exactly as Debbie has described above. Even if the tenant leaves but doesn’t hand the keys back we cannot take back possession until it’s gone through the court/bailiff process.
Obviously then with a non paying tenant the arrears stack up to a point were is highly unlikely you are ever going to get your money back as that “type” of tenant doesn’t give a damn about CCJ’s etc.
The law is ridiculously all in the tenants favour.
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