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10:21 AM, 18th September 2017, About 5 years ago

Does a Landlords insurance claim affect my home insurance?

Only your home insurer can answer whether they need to know about claims on your other properties. It is always best to provide all information regardless just in case something happens in the future and your are questioned as to why this claim was not disclosed. It is always ultimately up to the insurer to answer this question and up to you to be honest in providing the information they need.

Whether it will affect your home insurance will once again depend on the insurer but also the claim itself. A water damage claim is probably an isolated incident so should hopefully have little or no effect on your home insurance but if it was something like subsidence and your landlord property was next door then obviously this could have a big effect your home insurance.... Read More

Ashburnham Insurance

12:31 PM, 8th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Should an Insurance Claim on BTL affect my House Insurance?

When getting home insurance or landlord insurance you should disclose any property claim from any type of policy you have held and indeed any other information that may bear relevance to the insurance you are looking to take out.

The reason a property insurer will ask about claims across any property (regardless of it being your own home or a let property, etc.) is because the claim could be relevant to what you are proposing to insure.

For example... if your own home is 3 doors down from your let property and there was a burglary at the let property then the insurer may think that your own home is also at risk of future burglary due to the history a few doors down.

Always safer to tell the insurer everything. It may cost a bit more in premium but honesty is the best policy! It just isn't worth the risk keeping quiet to save a few pounds and then have an expensive claim rejected further down the line when they find out something has not been disclosed to them.... Read More

Ashburnham Insurance

11:59 AM, 11th November 2013, About 9 years ago

DSS Tenants - another issue

We have many customers get their landlords buildings and contents insurance with us that are shocked to find that in most cases it is the same price to have tenants who are in receipt of benefits as it is to have working tenants.

Insurance cost is therefore not a reason to be put off by having DSS tenants.... Read More

Ashburnham Insurance

15:54 PM, 6th November 2013, About 9 years ago

Letting my house without telling the mortgage company

You cannot run the risk of being uninsured due to not telling your insurer the property is let out. Having a landlords buildings & contents policy is therefore a must.

This however, does not affect what you do with your mortgage lender. I can only speak from an insurance point of view being a landlords insurance broker.

The insurance may ask for details of the mortgage lender so they can note the financial interest and it is possible that the insurer may contact the mortgage lender if the policy is cancelled/lapsed. This is where you may run in to trouble, as if your mortgage provider sees a letter from a landlord insurer it may raise alarms bells!... Read More