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12:02 PM, 14th March 2019
About A week ago

Number of empty homes is actually increasing!

I have 4 units empty, the risk to reward has shifted too far in favour of tenants. I was speaking to another landlord a few weeks ago who is renting rooms in an HMO as storage units.... Read More


10:50 AM, 9th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

‘No DSS’ adverts in the private rented sector

The answer to the NO DSS question can be found in House of Commons Briefing Paper No 7008 1st November 2016
"Can Private Landlords Refuse To Let To Housing Benefit Claimants?"
The document clearly states that income and employment are not protected characteristics under discrimination law.
I would suspect this is why Shelter have not taken up any test cases.... Read More


10:18 AM, 21st November 2018
About 4 months ago

Is Shelter a charity?

Is Shelter a charity? According to a report by the Institute of
Economic Affairs published in 2012, Shelter is a Government
Sock Puppet. Read More


19:45 PM, 14th November 2018
About 4 months ago

Alliance Solution for Housing benefit tenants
The above link is to an article published on the Conservative Home website in 2011. "Why is the DCLG funding Shelter?"
The author concludes that the taxpayers money given to shelter would be better spent on building homes. It is as relevant today as it was in 2011... Read More