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14:03 PM, 1st August 2018
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We have inherited a property portfolio - what next?


Thank you for your very detailed response and I hope you don't think I was being a cheapskate by posting an article on the forum instead of paying for a consultation. In my own defense, I didn't know what I would be getting for my money, but I can see now why a consultation with you should be worth every penny of the £400 fee you charge so thank you for that, we will be in touch. Before we do though, please can you give me some idea of what it would cost to implement the structure you have recommended, without cutting any corners, because we need to get this right from the start. We feel like guardians of my father-in-law's legacy and want to grow the business to something he would have been proud of. Our daughters were not particularly interested in getting involved, but I think that could all change when they read this thread. Thanks again.... Read More