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Paul Larky

9:36 AM, 17th October 2013, About 8 years ago

Expat couple looking for advice investing in London

Thanks all for all the great advice and comments. Definitely a lot to think about and makes me certain that a trip back is the right thing to do, if only to get to know the market better. I may aim to get in touch with some of you when I do touch down so thanks for the offer!

@ Adam, Ian: Thanks re mortgage comments. Probably one of my biggest concerns at the minute as have a few expat friends who were having trouble with this. Good to know there could be some options. I will be sure to have a chat with my bank first to see what they can offer.

@ Rob: Thanks, Crossrail is something I have definitely been thinking about too. I will take a look closer at some of the spots further out. I had been looking at Ealing, which will be a key hub on the line, but it’s already getting increasingly expensive there.

@ Craig: I have pretty much lived in all parts of London (North, South, East and West), most recently in Balham. I used to live in Acton so am quite familiar with Ealing and Hillingdon (not too far away). Very interested to hear what made you choose Perivale – how is the rental demand and yield there? Also, how do you find the market in Hillingdon at the moment – I see Crossrail will run through Hayes & Harlington – is there much development going on in line with this?

@ Vanessa: Thanks, excellent information in the links! I would be very interested to hear about your experiences in North London. I am also looking at the 1 - 2 bed flats targetting young professional commuters that seem to flock to the Hampstead, Highgates et al. May I ask what you define as upmarket apartments and what type of builds you go for? Period conversions, luxury new builds?

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