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13:46 PM, 9th September 2020, About A year ago


14:07 PM, 4th September 2020, About A year ago

Can one buy a property for a friend and charge him rent?

Reply to the comment left by Mike at 04/09/2020 - 13:52
Hi Mike,
This is something that the right solicitor can put in place. It’s essentially a ‘tenant buyer’ profile. Rent-to-buy, if you like. I’ve briefly learnt about this and you can find more detailed information here (I’m not affiliated with this firm in any way - just selected it as it explains what you’re trying to do in a more legitimate way). https://www.leaseoptionsmadesimple.co.uk/articles/lease-options-rent-to-own-benefits-of-working-with-tenant-buyers
Good luck and hope all works out for you and your friend.... Read More


10:01 AM, 23rd January 2020, About 2 years ago

Solutions for Widow's Right to Remain in Family Home

A life interest trust- (trustees need to be appointed) your mum will remain the beneficiary and can enjoy the asset for her lifetime but she does not (and therefore you will not) own the underlying capital because it belongs to Mr M’s children. Upon her death, she can not leave the asset to anyone else (or sell it during her lifetime) because the true beneficial owners are Mr M’s kids. They own the capital. As I understand it, upon her death the capital is then transferred to Mr M’s heirs and thus IHT will need to be paid by them.
Definitely and of course seek advice from IHT solicitors and/or good property accountants.... Read More